The 7 best hikes around Kuala Lumpur

Nothing beats an early morning hike with the family and we are blessed with so many hiking trails in KL. How to choose the right one for your family? Have a look at these prime hikes below and decide which ones work best for you. Happy hiking! 

1. The forest between PJ and KL

Bukit Gasing - Happy Go KL

Bukit Gasing is the place for you if you’re looking for a real family hiking experience in the middle of a forest, just outside the busy city center. This beautiful forest park is set between PJ and KL. The trails vary in difficulties and levels of fitness. The good thing is that there are plenty of benches along the trails.

2. The hike next to the city at Bukit Kiara

Bukit Kiara - Happy Go KL

A beautiful swarth of greenery known as Bukit Kiara, lies just five minutes from Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara.This walk is suitable for 6-70 year olds, as long as you don’t have bad knees, as there are some steep bits along the trail. 

Friends of Bukit Kiara are organising a trail walk each month now. Check out their FB page for more information on the next walk.

3. A quick hike at Sri Bintang Hill

Sri Bintang hill

Sri Bintang Hill is located between Desa ParkCity and Sri Bintang. The hike is relatively short (depending on your speed) and not too tough, so easy to do for kids. Make sure to bring a camera or your phone for some pictures of the lovely view toward the city at the peak.

4. A waterfall hike at Batang Kali

batang kali 5 - Happy Go KL

Batang Kali waterfall in Hulu Selangor district is just about an hour drive from KL. The hike to this waterfall is an easy one, and also suitable for younger kids. The waterfall is a nice place to have lunch and a refreshing swim. 

5. Conquering the pinnacles at Bukit Takun

Bukit takun 2 1 - Happy Go KL

Are you up for a pinnacle hike with an abseiling challenge? Time to head to Bukit Takun then, where a medium rated hike awaits you. This hike is suitable for teens and adults only.

Would you like to turn your day trip into an overnight adventure? Have a look here for our review for Templer Park Rainforest Retreat.

6. The Ampang hikes collection

ampang lakeview - Happy Go KL

There are a few family-friendly hikes in Ampang, east of KL. Some are super easy, others a bit more challenging, but it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a standard level of fitness. 

7. Catch a breeze at Kota Damansara

walking in kota damansara community forest - Happy Go KL

If you love nature and are looking for a place to do gentle hiking in KL, the Forest Reserve in Kota Damansara is perfect. It’s close by, it’s not busy and you get to enjoy some cooler air under the trees. An ideal escape into nature and a great way to enjoy Malaysian forest at its best.

To keep in mind

  • There are often leeches along the trail, especially after rain. Alcohol spray works wonders, as the leeches just curl up and you can flick them away. If you do not have alcohol spray, you may go for hand sanitiser spray (not alcohol free) or some other disinfecting spray.
  • Be very careful after or on a rainy day. The trails can be muddy, and the hike could become quite challenging.
  • Please respect nature. Do not leave any rubbish behind. Take it back with you.
  • If you bring along paw friends it is best to go on weekdays, as it is less crowded.
  • Bring along mosquito repellent, water, snacks and sun block.

Keen on regular hiking instead of the occasional one? Join the Hash House Harriers! More info in our article here.

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