A jungle in the city: Bukit Gasing

Bukit Gasing is the place for you if you’re looking for a real family hiking experience in the middle of a forest, just outside the busy city center. This beautiful forest park is set between PJ and KL.

One main entrance is located at Petaling Jaya, with a simple archway. There is also a back entrance at the Kuala Lumpur side of the hill. We spent a whole morning at this green oasis with a group of friends, and it was beyond our expectations.

Are you up for a climb?

We started at the Petaling Jaya entrance and didn’t have a map to the trails. However, soon after we crossed the archway at the main entrance, we followed the paved beginning of a trail that soon became a nature’s pathway. At first, we were apprehensive we wouldn’t be able to find the way back, since we didn’t see any information to indicate the trail names. However, Bukit Gasing is not huge, and the many trails inside are fairly close to each other. You would wander onto another one, even if you accidentally take the wrong fork. The trails vary in difficulties and levels of fitness. The good thing is that there are plenty of benches along the trails. You can sit here and take a rest.

bukit gasing

Hanging bridge

We all found it overall easy, only the hike up to the top after the hanging bridge was pretty tiring. From the bottom, it seemed like a never-ending step, but slowly, stopping to catch our breath on the way, we all got there. Although the paths are marked, not all are well maintained, and you need to be careful. I wouldn’t suggest going there after or on a rainy day. The trails can be muddy, and the hike could become quite challenging.

Bukit Gasing 9 - Happy Go KL

Wild life

The nature surrounding the park is beautiful and vibrant. For those who enjoy nature photography, it’s definitely a must place to visit. There are different species of small animals and monkeys (some afraid of humans and others eager to steal some food). We also spotted a few unique birds and a small eagle, that seemed happy to pose for our photos.

Bukit Gasing 3 - Happy Go KL

Great for kids

In the end, we spent around three pleasant hours in the park, breathing fresh air in the middle of the chaos of city life. You can do it in less time if, unlike us, you don’t stop for photos every hundred steps or so. Bukit Gasing is definitely a place that is worth visiting in a morning with the family. For the fit ones it is a nice workout if you manage to explore all the hiking trails. For families with younger kids you could choose the more accessible trails, to introduce them to hiking. They might need a hand on the steep part as some steps can be too high. For sure they will enjoy the adventure.

Bukit Gasing 5 - Happy Go KL


After the morning hike, we were not only tired but also very hungry. Luckily, we found Raju Restaurant (banana leaf) very close to the entrance where we had parked our car. They serve not only good food but also fresh and cold coconut water. It’s the perfect drink to refill your energy.

Bukit Gasing 4 - Happy Go KL


  • Arrive early (especially on weekends), as parking is quite limited close to the entrance. We arrived around 9:30am on a weekday and found parking easily along the roadside. On weekends it’s advisable to arrive before 8am to find parking.
  • Don’t forget to bring a repellent and a full water bottle.
  • I’d avoid to bring snacks, unless you want monkeys to follow you. In case you’re going with kids, you might want to bring some packed snacks and a plastic bag for rubbish.
  • There are no fees for entering the park. Just follow the rules of nature: “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints”.
  • To get to the starting point of Bukit Gasing, simply search for the address on Waze or Google Maps: Jalan Tanjong 5/4, Section 5, Bkt Gasing, Petaling Jaya.
  • Raju Restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and early dinner.

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