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There is so much to do in KL’s neighbourhoods! Each one has some hidden gems we’d love to share with you. That’s why we made these little guides. Have a look!

Around Kuala Lumpur

Hungry? Check out our favorite places!

KL is foody heaven as we all know. How to find the best places to take the kids? Fret not. We’ve cherrypicked some of the best restaurants for families for you.

Find the best Kids activities in Kuala Lumpur

So much do. So little time. Where to go next?
Have a look at all the great activities KL has got to offer for kids.

Hello shopaholics… Kuala Lumpur is a place where ‘shop till you drop’ can be done in many different places. Are you ready to check them all out?

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Looking for cute tiny places in old town centres? Or would you rather splurge in a fabulous beach resort? Tried and tested for you!

Culture, celebrations & museums

Indulge in the rich cultural diversity of Malaysia and read all you want to know about its many festivals. Be ready to feel amazed…

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Meet the Mamas

Our wonderful writers are always on the lookout for the latest and best places to have fun with the whole family. We aim to bring you the best KL has to offer. Honesty is our middle name! We’ve got you covered 😉