Yellow Brick Road: delicious pancakes and more

If you follow the yellow brick road it will lead you to a fabulous selection of pancakes and fusion food fit for all manner of tastes. Yellow Brick Road is one of the eateries that have popped up in Plaza Batai, Damansara Heights – an area which has seen major renovations with Ben’s Supermarket setting up shop.


At the Yellow Brick Road you won’t find a reference to Dorothy and her red shoes, but you will find a path of yellow tiles that lead you inside. Like Dorothy, I landed there with an assortment of hangers on, one weekday lunchtime. By the time our large table arrived the place was humming. Our group was a waitron’s worst nightmare. We arrived in stages, ordered in stages and were a mixed age group of very hungry adults and children. However, it ran like a well oiled machine and everyone ended up with the food they had ordered.


Yellow Brick Road has a downstairs eatery and a large upstairs space known as the Wicked Pancake Parlour. We were directed upstairs, a place fit for kids with an assortment of books and toys in the corner for little ones waiting for food.


So what did we order? Pancakes were a big hit all round for young and old. The biggest winner was the Drew Berry More closely followed by the Chocoholics Anonymous. The Drew Berry More is two large pancakes accompanied with mixed berries and topped with light, airy and toasted meringue, while the Chocoholics Anonymous is just pure chocolate decadence finished with chocolate ice cream. We also ordered a Apom Terbalik pancake which is a mix between a theme on Ice Kacang  and Gula Melaka. It was a fabulous Malaysian twist on a pancake, but sorry no photos – it was gone before I could get my camera out.


The portions are generous, pancakes light and fluffy and the taste is delicious. If you are a pancake lover, these are the pancakes of choice. From the Minimalist pancake with maple syrup, to the fusion of the Lucky Takoyaki, a Japanese (almost) okonomiyaki style pancake, or the Let’s Salsa Pancake. Need I say more? There is a pancake to cover most tastes.


But there’s more than pancakes on the menu, this is fusion food. From very posh Truffle Fries or Eggs Norwegian, to Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas, Beef Rendang Cottage Pie and Balik Kampung. I kicked myself when I saw the Balik Kampung come out and watched it being served to the table beside us. It looked fantastic and should imagine it tasted that way as the happy diner polished off the plate. However, I was not at all disappointed in my order of Gardener’s Bre[a]kkie. Crunchy sweetness of the sweet potato fries matched with the freshness of the tomatoes, and creamy mushrooms and avocado. It wasn’t too heavy, but due to the generous portion size – unusually – I couldn’t finish my plate.


The food is fresh, it is tasty, the pancakes decadent and the savoury dishes are a delight. It is hearty cafe food with a twist and a great place for young and old alike. So the next time you are hankering for a pancake, or even a decent brunch, try Yellow Brick Road. But beware, it is efficient and the food tastes good, so chances are it will be busy and you may have to wait. We managed to book ahead on this occasion, but that’s not a weekend option. The consolation is there is loads of seating both upstairs and downstairs, plus more outside.

Yellow Brick Road: something to keep in mind

Yellow Brick Road serves into the evening and is just as good for an evening meal, but it is halal, so if you are looking for a glass of wine or a beer you won’t find it there. However, try the Minty Lemonade, refreshingly good, or something from the large range of teas, coffee or floats.

  • Address: 8-7, Jalan Batai, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Phone: 03-2035 5922
  • Hours Monday – Sunday 9.00am -10.00pm

*Kitchen closes from 4-6pm on Fridays and Saturdays

**No reservations on weekends or public holidays

For more brunch options, check them out here.

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