Tiki-Licious Sunday family brunch, Sunway Resort

Even before you enter the doors for the Tiki-Licious Sunday Brunch at Sunway Resort, you can feel all your cares in the world slip away. Just outside, there’s a beach lounger chair and a sun umbrella, with a backdrop of the beach – giving you a good indication of what to expect indoors.

With Hawaiian luau music playing, we couldn’t wait to get indoors. Once inside and after registration (the new normal), you are greeted with a ring of the bell and a cheery “Aloha!”, announcing your arrival. The staff serve you a welcome drink (mocktails in a shot glass) and then bring you to your table.

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As with the new SOPs, the tables are spread out and socially distanced (even at your very own table). We were a party of two adults and two children, but we had a total of four tables between us – basically a table to each one of us. We did find it slightly odd, as we were so spread out but when the buffet started, we felt really happy with the arrangement.

What’s for brunch?

The buffet is served to you at your table and there is a menu of the sequence of food that will be served. The food is mainly Asian, but we thought that there was a good mix served. Both adults and children were happy and satisfied. The starters, skewers, dim sum and desserts were the biggest hits at our table. Special mention has to go to the fish satay; it was our first time having it and it was superb! Be forewarned though, once the food starts coming, it doesn’t stop… Midway through, we were struggling and had to put a stop to the food being delivered to our table. This was why we started thanking our lucky stars that we were so spread out – where else would they put all the food?

What we liked is that the food comes in portions according to the number of pax at your table, so it’s communal and feels like you’re having a family meal. Their Kids ‘R’ Us pack (containing nuggets, fries, sandwich and churros) are pre-portioned and served to each child in a takeaway box. This was great, as both kids were already stuffed by then and brought them home.

Chefs at work

You are allowed to walk around the buffet line to see what’s on offer. If you see something that you like, just place your order and they will deliver it to your table. You can watch the chefs in action too if you’d like. The children were enthralled with the Chinese hand-pulled noodle station where the chef was rolling, pulling and tossing the noodles. The teh tarik station was also a hit with the children. The children were amazed to watch the server ‘pulling’ and pouring the tea from such a height without spilling a drop.

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Activities for the kids

As Tiki-Licious Sunday Brunch is family friendly, they have children’s activities to keep the under 12s happy. The activities kick off at about 1pm. They gather the children and bring them to an area specially set up for this purpose. As per the luau theme, they provide grass skirts, leis, flower bracelets and head bands to the children. They then proceed to teach them a very basic and short hula dance routine, which the children then perform to the diners. If you have tweens (like we did) and depending on their character, they might not be eager on either the dress up or the dance. Although ours did participate in the end in both of these, albeit rather reluctantly.

After the dance, there was a cupcake decorating session. Each child has one socially distanced table kitted out with a chef’s hat, an apron, two mini cupcakes and various toppings plus icing. When done with the cupcakes, each child got a totem pole table standee which they coloured in. Both our tweens happily participated in these last two activities. The totem pole standee, was a nice touch as it made a good souvenir to bring home. Once done with the colouring in, each child received a bag of cookies.

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Hurray for fiber straws

While the children are taken care of, the adults are also catered for. On the menu are various cocktail options and for RM60. You can have as many as you’d like within a two hour time frame. To drink your cocktails, sugarcane fiber straws are provided – yay! They also have house pouring wines (Deakin Estate and Alaris) at only RM80 per bottle. Whilst it’s not the usual free flow option with many other buffets out there, I think it’s nice that everyone can have a glass each during the brunch, without having to top up a fee for each person.

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The atmosphere at the brunch was really festive and for four hours, we got to escape to a tropical wonderland. Both adults and children left with full bellies and happy memories.

The Tiki-Licious Sunday Brunch at Sunway Resort is priced at RM88 nett per adult. For children it is RM48 nett per child (6 – 12 years old). The hours are from 11am – 3pm.

Our brunch was by invitation. As always, our opinion is honest and our own.

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