Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve

Aahhh, to feel cooler! A walk in the dark, cool forest is one of the best ways to start a weekend morning. Community Forest Reserve in Kota Damansara is one of the many great places for kid-friendly hiking in KL.

We left the house at about 9 and headed towards Kota Damansara. Parking was easy by the side of the road and a short walk along the road took us to a little “lake”. We started walking from there and found our way through the forest to several paths after a little while.

From the very beginning of our walk, there was wildlife. We could hear the monkeys high up in the trees, jumping from branch to branch and calling each other. Malaysian cicadas and birds were also taking part. As soon as you are under the trees, you will feel cooler. That’s what sticks to my mind: a feeling of freshness.


Time to take your time

Our 4-year-old was happy to walk the whole time. The terrain is not always even but the different tracks are well signposted and the paths are fairly easy for little legs to handle. The different tracks have different lengths – and probably different levels of difficulty – so you can choose what you are in the mood for or what you have the time for. There are paths for hikers and bikers but sometimes paths may cross, so just be aware. Bikers and hikers alike are so friendly and look so happy to be there, it is a pleasure to see. It was lovely to say hi to so many people, it felt very community-like.

kota damansara community forest 1 - Happy Go KL

We took our time walking on the Scout trail, and were lucky to spot insects and other fauna and flora, get close and then look them up when we went home.

kota damansara more bugs - Happy Go KL kota damansara forest bugs - Happy Go KL

kota damansara trees - Happy Go KL

As like any place in nature, it quickly became a playground for our girls. Our 9-year-old was leading, pretending to be a guide and looking out for potential hazards and wildlife. The 4-year-old enjoyed playing with the biggest leaves she could find and jumping off everything she could climb on.

walking in kota damansara community forest - Happy Go KL

If you love nature and are looking for a place to do gentle hiking in KL, the Forest Reserve in Kota Damansara is perfect. It’s close by, it’s not busy and you get to enjoy some cooler air under the trees. An ideal escape into nature, simple moments enjoying Malaysian forest at its best.

kota damansara hikes with kids - Happy Go KL


For more information, check this Facebook page or this article by the Star.

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