Walks near Ampang

Elephant Wallow Waterfalls

This hike can be found just beyond Zoo Negara. The trail begins between the end of the Kemensah village road and the ATV Adventure Park. To reach the falls a small trail leads off from the main trail – you’ll know when you reach it by the sound of the falls. The only small down side of this trek is that there isn’t any place to swim, but it is a nice walk for those looking to start hiking with kids. I haven’t seen this myself, but have been told that the ATV share some of the same path, apparently you hear them before you see them. This is accessible to families of all ages, with a mixed trail of steep and flat. The round trip is approx. 1 hr 30 min. Fitness level 12345.

Coordinates: N03 12.69′ E101 47.72′

Sham Waterfall

Sham Waterfall is better suited for families with children 8+, as a large part of the walk is off road and into the river. It’s great for those looking for adventure and wet feet. The trail begins in the same place as Elephant Wallow however the whole trail is not clearly marked, so if you are unfamiliar with this route we strongly recommend taking a guide as there is a prominent fork in the river. We first did this trip with Nature Inspired guide, John Chan. With this hike make sure you have sturdy shoes and be mindful with kids of slippery rocks. Also, always remember that rivers can flash flood in the rainy season in Malaysia, so keep this hike for the dry season. The round trip is approx. 4 hrs. Fitness level 12345.

Coordinates: N03 12.69′ E101 47.72′

Kedondong Waterfalls

This is a great walk for beginners and families of all ages. There is a slight incline, but no hike would be complete without one, apart from that it is a nice meandering trail through the jungle. However, if that all sounds too tame, don’t worry, there are some large boulders to add interest. At the waterfall there is a large refreshing pool to swim in and some large boulders to picnic on. The trail begins at Kedongdong recreation area, follow the steps to the river where you can either follow the trail or the riverbed. The round trip is approx. 2 hrs. Fitness 12345.

kedondong 2 - Happy Go KL

Coordinates: N 03 25.82′ E 101 43.86′ – a bit off the beaten Ampang track

Bukit Saga’s Trail A

This trail is most suitable for families. Bukit Saga has a range of trails but some are not for the faint-hearted so if this is your first trip on Bukit Saga try Trail A first. The other trails have some very big climbs and can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know where you are going. If you do happen to venture off Trail A speak to the local hikers that you come across. Our first journey had us following website advice and a map which turned out to be out of date – we were lucky to find some very knowledgeable local hikers that informed us that our planned route was closed. But while Trail A is only about 1.5 km, it is a serious climb with a mixture of trail, steps and some very big tree roots. Great for the adventurous. There is no real look out at the top but it is cool and shady with plenty of places to picnic with tables and benches. There is even exercise equipment if you feel you need a further workout. Start from the steps of Jalan Saga 24. Most suitable for fit kids 8+. The round trip is approx. 45 min-1 hr. Fitness 12345.

Coordinates: 3.112660, 101.773242

Ampang Lakeview

This is a guided trail. This is not a trail we have tried so we have taken advice on this. The main trail is closed, but there is an alternative which is more rugged and can only be entered with a guide. The trail can be steep and slippery in places, but for all your hard work, I’ve been told, you are rewarded with the beautiful old Ampang reservoir which you can amble around. This walk begins on Cangkat Bukit Indah 2. According to Natured Inspired the hike is a three our round trip and suited to kids 100 cm and above, but speak to the guide first about your child and their capabilities, maybe size doesn’t matter. Fitness 12345.

Coordinates: 3.158312, 101.775266

ampang lakeview - Happy Go KL
Photo: Nature Inspired

Our age categorisation is based on our own parenting experience, nothing more, therefore please use this information as a guideline only. Also, if you come across a leech it means the area is unpolluted. Look at it as a positive for the environment while dealing with your terrified family members. And lastly, be mindful of slips, mud, high river levels and flash floods after heavy rain.

While we have done some of these hikes we have not done all, but recommendation and advice has been sought from John Chan of Nature Inspired.

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