A quick hike: Sri Bintang Hill

Sri Bintang hill

In today’s SNAPSHOT we’d like to take you to Sri Bintang Hill, which has recently seen a spike in its popularity. Sri Bintang Hill is located between Desa ParkCity and Sri Bintang. The hike is relatively short (depending on your speed) and not too tough, so easy to do for kids.

How to get to Sri Bintang Hill?

There are two main entrances (or exits): one at the highest point of Desa ParkCity (past Ridgewood, entrance next to the water tank) and one at the housing area in Jalan Sri Bintang 8, also known as Jalan 11/36. You may park your car on the roadside at Jalan Sri Bintang, but make sure you do not block or congest the neighbourhood. There aren’t any parking spots if you use the entrance from Desa ParkCity. The nearest parking is at Plaza Arkadia.

Hike difficulty: easy to moderate

Distance: depending on the route 3.5 – 5km

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

What to bring: water, mosquito repellent, a camera or your phone for some pictures of the lovely view at the peak.

Entrance fee: free

Hiking tips

  • There are a few trails going up to peak 1 and 2 but don’t worry, all trails will lead you to the peak. You will not get lost, as somehow all trails connect.
  • Some steeper hills have ropes to make it easy, even for the kids. There is one very steep path with ropes though that goes down into the canyon (deforested area), but I would not recommend this if you are hiking with smaller children. 
  • There is a pack of wild dogs near the canyon (deforested area), but they normally do not disturb humans. If they come close to you, just “shoo” them off. 
  • Some hikers bring their own dog along (me!). If you do, make sure your furkid knows how to behave.
  • Note that there are no toilet facilities along the hike.
  • Be mindful that the trails can get a bit muddy on rainy days.
  • There are a couple of resting areas at the peaks and you may bring some small snacks for a little picnic.

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Happy hiking! 

Sr Bintang Hill

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