A waterfall hike: Batang Kali

batang kali waterfall

We are glad that we are able to travel between KL and Selangor during the current CMCO. Batang Kali waterfall in Selangor is the place where both us ‘hooman’ and ‘pawtners’ regularly go! 

How to get to Batang Kali waterfall?

Batang Kali waterfall in Hulu Selangor district is just about an hour drive from KL. You can look it up on Waze here. The last 10 minutes of the drive follows a dirt road going through an orang asli village. There is a small car park by the river where you can park your car. You could have a nice refreshing splash at this shallow river. Continue your ‘hike’ – more like a walk to the other side of the river. It’s a clear path that you can not miss. ‘Hike’ for about 15 minutes and you will reach another river. Please be aware of the barb wire at the side of this trail if you let your paw friends on the loose. This second river is slightly wider than the first one and has got more ‘character’. We normally spend another 30 minutes here to chill and play in the cool refreshing water of this river.

To continue the hike to the waterfall, you will need to cross the river to the other side. Here you will spot an abandoned hut on your right. Just follow the path to the right. From here it will be another 25 minutes until you reach the waterfall. Before you reach the waterfall you will come across a big tree. From here just hike down for a few minutes and you will see the waterfall.  Alternatively, you may hike to the waterfall just by following the river upstream.

Batang Kali waterfall

Lunch by the waterfall

We normally have a light lunch or some snack by the waterfall while the kids and ‘pawtners’ play in the water. We spend about an hour or so here and return using the same trail. Sometimes we have our light lunch back at the second river. It all depends how busy it is at the waterfall, as some people are not too fond of our four legged fur-kids.

Sometimes we bump into the orang asli along the trails. Please makes sure you hang on to your dogs as they are afraid of them, especially the bigger breeds.

To keep in mind

  • There are leeches along the trail. I find that alcohol spray works wonders, as the leeches just curl up and you can flick them away. If you do not have alcohol spray, you may go for hand sanitiser spray (not alcohol free) or some other disinfecting spray.
  • Please respect nature. Do not leave any rubbish behind. Take it back with you.
  • If you bring along paw friends I would strongly advise you go on weekdays, as it is less crowded.
  • Please respect those who are afraid of dogs. Keep your ‘pawtners’ with you or move to the other side of the river.
  • Bring along mosquito repellent, water, snacks and sun block.

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