Planning for a family trip? Let’s engage the kids!

Can’t wait to move fast forward to make travelling plans again for a family trip? This time, why not engage the kids, to help ease the burden? They can learn a lot, have fun, and as parents, we will have a little less work on our hands.

Travelling locally or abroad, for a long or short period, it’s always overwhelming. Not only do we parents book everything in advance, but we also organise everything that is needed before we can actually leave. It gets even more challenging with kids in tow! When we are allowed to travel again, let’s involve our little helpers!

How the older ones can help

Once the hotels are booked and the trip is confirmed, you can ask the kids to do research about the place they will be visiting. They can even plan a family trip with the most important places to visit and add the ones that they would like to visit themselves. It will definitely make the trip more interesting to them, if they can look for and choose in advance the best places to visit. 

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For younger kids

If you have younger kids, it can be a good opportunity to give them a sense of responsibility, and they will feel you’re treating them as a grown-up by helping in such an important part of the family trip. When my kids were younger, I used to google myself and find websites with information appropriate for their age and reading skills, and then let them read and write on a notebook about the places we wanted to visit. 

Let’s pack!

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Closer to the trip it’s time to prepare the suitcases, and once again it’s best to gather all the help we can. Especially for big families, the task to prepare the suitcases for everyone can be very stressful and time-consuming. Ask the kids to choose the clothes and items they will need during the vacation and place everything on their beds before putting it in the suitcase. Usually, I double-check before closing the suitcase, just to make sure there are enough clothes and not only toys, games, books and stationery.

How about a quiz?!

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Another fun thing the kids can do to engage the whole family in the holidays, is to prepare a quiz to play on the road trip or at the airport before the departure. With all the information they have learned from the research, they can prepare a quiz with fun and interesting facts about the place to visit. Historical knowledge can also make sightseeing a lot more amusing and fulfilling.

You will be surprised with the interesting facts they will find out and the whole family will have a fantastic time. Need some inspiration? Have a look here at our article about bucket list ideas for travelling with the family!

prepare kids for travel - Happy Go KL

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