The TOP Penang: great fun for families with young kids


Komtar Tower, Penang’s tallest structure is probably one of the most prominent landmarks in Penang. But did you know that there is an indoor theme park inside with plenty of attractions that will keep kids and adults well entertained? We decided to bring the kids to check it out when we were in Penang and we left the place a few hours later pleasantly surprised!

Ticketing and packages

There are at least 18 different attractions offered at The TOP Penang, however we didn’t go for all the attractions as some weren’t of interest to us and some were closed when we were there. To buy tickets, you can either buy it online or at the counter. We got there around 10.30am and there were only a handful of people ahead of us so we didn’t have to wait long to buy our tickets.

There are many ticket package options for The TOP Penang, so make sure you have a good look at the packages available and choose the ones which are most suited to you. For our family, we opted to get the Top Big 5 attractions ticket (RM88 nett for adults and RM68 nett for children) and this covered the top 5 attractions in the TOP. We also added on some single tickets as the kids wanted to go on the carousel and mirror maze (tickets need to be pre-bought at the counter beforehand).

Attractions at The TOP Penang

TOP Boutique Aquarium

The aquarium at The TOP Penang is rather small but we took a leisurely stroll with the kids while checking out the marine life on display (many types of fishes, stingrays, eels, etc). Sadly, there were no feeding and petting sessions when we were there. I did enjoy some of the décor at certain sections as they made it look like olden day restaurants and houses.

The TOP Penang - aquarium
TOP Boutique Aquarium

Jurassic Research Centre

If your kids love dinosaurs then this is the place for them. Modelled after the movie Jurassic Park, the centre houses more than 200 types of dinosaurs and fossils. Upon entering, a staff member will bring you on a tour of the research centre, from introducing the dinosaur fossils to seeing how dinosaur eggs hatch.

However, there was one part where my kids got really scared. We had to enter a ‘lift’ that would bring us to the outdoor area to view the dinosaurs but once you get in, the lights go out and you get ‘attacked’ by dinosaurs ‘outside’ (which you can see on video inside the lift), so the whole lift shakes a bit to simulate the attack! My two year old started crying after this so be warned! But once you get out from the lift, you are transported to the outdoor park of The TOP Penang where you can see many dinosaurs.

The TOP Penang - Jurassic Research Centre
Jurassic Research Centre

Observatory Deck and Rainbow Skywalk

The observatory deck located on level 65 is an air-conditioned observatory that provides outstanding views of Penang from all sides. There is also a see through glass platform which can be rather intimidating if you are afraid of heights! Not going to lie, we all had jelly knees at the start and it took a lot of encouragement for the kids to step onto the platform but once you get on, you can get some pretty good photo ops!

After the observatory deck, you can proceed to level 68 of The TOP Penang for the outdoor rainbow skywalk. It was pretty hot when we were up there so we tried to admire the views as fast as we could. There is also a glass walkway here but once you’ve tried the one indoors, this wouldn’t be too intimidating.

The TOP Penang - Observatory Deck
Observatory Deck

The TOP Penang - Rainbow Walk
Rainbow Skywalk

Magic Mirror Maze

The mirror maze at The TOP Penang is exactly what is sounds like. Mirrors upon mirrors and you instantly lose your sense of direction the moment you step in. This was very trippy but we had heaps of fun trying to figure our way out.

The TOP Penang - Mirror Maze
Mirror Maze

My kids also went on the carousel and topoggan (a long slide where you sit on a donut and slide down) at The TOP Penang and they loved it. There are a few eateries here and are reasonably priced. The food at the restaurant and café up on the observatory deck costs more but hey you get a good view! So the next time you come to Penang, do consider visiting the TOP for a fun day out.

For another great outing in Penang with the kids, head to The Habitat!

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