Beethoven’s famed da-da-da-dum takes centrestage at klpac


The world famous “da-da-da-dum” four-note opening motif is set to reverberate through Pentas 1 from 26 to 28 April 2024 in The klpac Orchestra’s upcoming Beethoven: His Romance and Fire concert at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac).

Under the baton of Maestro Lee Kok Leong, the 70-strong orchestra offers an exciting season opener by attempting to re-create part of the epic 1808 concert which was self-produced by the composer himself and which premiered four of his major works back to back amongst other smaller works. 200 plus years later, the frigid Theater an der Wien in Vienna is swapped for the more cozy Pentas 1 with a programme focusing on just two of his works, a third in length of the original 4-hour concert.

Photo credit: Chan Kien Ming

Often called a musical genius, German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven’s diverse repertoire bridged the Classical period and the Romantic Era, changing the path of classical music. In the upcoming concert, music lovers will not only get a taste of his works from the “middle period” where his sense of individualism shone and when he produced some of his best works while facing his impending deafness but they will also be able to experience two sides of Beethoven.

Described as “one of the most important works of the time” by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony showcases his bold and fiery side, a work bursting with drama. Its opening motif, said to be like “fate knocking the door”, is repeated almost obsessively throughout, driving the sense of urgency of the piece and perhaps his desire to overcome his fate as his hearing deteriorated.

A perfect introduction to Beethoven, it is one of the most recognisable tunes of classical music. It has made its way into popular culture time and again such as the disco remake in Saturday Night Fever and Disney’s Fantasia 2000.

Photo credit: Chan Kien Ming

By contrast, music lovers can experience a more tender and gentler side of Beethoven in his Fourth Piano Concerto with its lyrical melodies. Though he uses an almost similar rhythmic pattern as the Fifth Symphony in the opening, he delivers something completely opposite – more introspective and contemplative. Unusual for the time, it begins with the piano solo before the orchestra joins in. Remarkably, it marked Beethoven’s final appearance as a concerto soloist, a few years short of his complete deafness.

The piano concerto will be performed by Dr Poom Prommachart (Best Solo Performance, BOH Cameronian Arts Awards) on the Yamaha CFX flagship concert grand, sponsored by Yamaha Music Malaysia.

Armed with an impressive list of accolades, Prommachart is currently the Programme Leader for Sunway University’s BA (Hons) in Music Performance and a full-time lecturer. Apart from earning a place on the Rector’s List of Honour for the Most Exceptional Graduates when he completed his Doctor of Music degree at the University of Montreal, he was honoured with the coveted Tagore Gold Medal, presented by Prince Charles (now King Charles III). His international acclaim burgeoned in 2010, marked by his gold medal triumph at Serbia’s Fifth Isidor Bajic International Piano Competition. Since then, he has performed with eminent orchestras including London Musician Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Serbia, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. In 2020, he earned the Grand Prize at the Orford Music Award in Canada.

Rounding up the programme is one of Beethoven’s rare works, Egmont Overture, written for a tragic play of the same name by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It depicts Dutch general Count Egmont’s battle with oppression and tyranny, bringing you from tragedy to triumph in just eight minutes.

Beethoven: his romance and fire
Photo credit: Chan Kien Ming

Beethoven: His Fire and Romance offers audiences a chance to get to know this musical genius who defied norms with his innovative music as well as the remarkable human spirit he possessed in his fight to continue doing what he loved despite the challenges he faced. He shows us the transformative power of music, conveying vastly different emotions and narratives.

Supported by Sunway University, Beethoven: His Fire and Romance tickets are priced from RM68 to RM100. Student tickets are priced at RM48 while seniors above 60 years of age, disabled persons and educators can enjoy 15% off the regular ticket price. Tickets can be purchased online.

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