4 Tips before you adopt a stray

What happens if you get the chance to welcome a stray into your home? Whilst I am no expert in the field, I will share my experiences with two of my beautiful rescued furries that have brought my family and I so much joy.

1. Vet visit: check-up and question time

Milu was a two month old puppy when he was found by the road side with a broken foot by an independent animal rescuer. The kind hearted warrior decided to let the word out, so that she could find him a home. At the same time she took him to the vet to ensure that his broken foot was treated and that he was examined for any internal complications. He also got worm tablets and vaccinations.


This is the first and foremost move that one should do when it comes to adopting a rescued animal. During the examination, it is the right time to ask the vet questions about the animal. 

Do you need a list of good vets in Klang valley? Here you go!

2. Keep it away from the pack

If you have more pets at home, best to keep them separated before introducing the new addition. Be present when they first meet. Dogs in particular, as I have learned, go by the ‘pecking order’, from the top dog down to the most submissive one. Therefore, in Milu’s situation, we made the introduction to the other older animals and gradually allowed them to form their relationships and dynamics amongst each other.

Milu is now 13 years old, an extremely loyal and healthy old dog, living his golden years. This furry boy has survived through all the ups and downs with us including saving me in two ‘could-have-been-robberies’. He guards his family with his life!

Lily, fondly known as the ‘angel cat’, was a wild cat who turned up at our home in January 2020, looking sick and hungry. Unlike some of the wild cats that I have come across, she was warm, gentle and trusting. 

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The caring began with us feeding her. She would come in through the gate, ate the food and leave. Slowly, she became an addition to our family. We took her to the vet and she got checked and was given some medicines for her illness. 

A year later, Lily was attacked by a bunch of hungry strays within minutes of stepping out the gate to go for her stroll.  

Although she led a short life and her time with us was but only a year, what she has brought into our lives would be our fondest memories ever. Her ‘Yoda like’ demeanour was one of a kind, a constant reminder to all of us to be patient and have faith, especially during the lockdown. She is a reminder for me to live my life to the fullest.

Rest in peace dear Lily.

3. Be mindful with children

Raising a pet I can be challenging. It takes time and effort, trial and error, but not without that quiet bliss that comes with it. It is especially beneficial for children’s development to get them involved when raising a pet. However, always be vigilant about safety, especially when it comes to (young) children and strays that are not raised from young.

4. Do some research before adopting

if you have some reservations about adopting a stray, you can start by researching first. The power of internet provides so much of information and resources that we can rely on. Helpful articles and YouTube videos are a great way to start. This website here about adopting dogs and this one here about cats are some that you may find helpful.

When you provide a loving home to an animal, the kind of tender loving and care that you will get in return is immeasurable. Please remember: #adoptdontshop!

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