10 great eco-activities for kids in Malaysia

A healthier and happy earth starts with educating our children and raise their eco-awareness. If we can engage them into caring for the environment and our planet, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Let’s have a look at places where kids can learn and care about nature, ecosystems and animals. Our top ten picks here in this post!

1. The Hartamas Garden, Desa Sri Hartamas

hartamas - Happy Go KL

In august 2020, neighbours in Desa Sri Hartamas started their own garden with edibles and flowers. The garden is made by the community for the community, with a mission to help those less fortunate, while spreading awareness and imparting knowledge on gardening.  Volunteers are needed every week, and what a great opportunity to bring your children here as well! Have a look at our post here.

Please have a look at their FB page here for current updates and news.

2. Kebun Kebun Bangsar

kebun kebun 1 - Happy Go KL

Kebun-Kebun (which means ‘orchard’ in Bahasa Malaysia) is an 8-acre linear green garden which is designed, built, managed, funded and maintained by community efforts and volunteers. More info here on their FB page and in our review here.

3. KL Forest Eco Park, KLCC

eco - Happy Go KL

KL Forest Eco Park offers a canopy walk suitable even for the little ones, and the trails on the hill are short, so also good for the smaller ones. A nice place to bring the kids for a bit of walking and experience the forest, bugs and birds. Visiting hours: 7 am to 6 pm daily including weekends and public holidays. For more information, head over to the official website of the KL Forest Eco Park. 

Have a look at our review here.

4. Ritz-Carlton EDC, Langkawi

Eco Discovery Ritz Carlton 6 - Happy Go KL

Although not in the close vicinity of KL, we really want to share this special place with you. EDC stands for Eco-Discovery Centre and it is located on the grounds of the Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi. There is an observation deck and an eco-rangers programme. The point of this eco-rangers activity is to make kids more aware of the environment around them and why we should make an effort to live peacefully with nature without disrupting it. Have a look at our review here.

5. Janda Baik Goat Farm, Janda Baik

Goat farm - Happy Go KL

Who doesn’t like to cuddle with a baby goat? Situated in Janda Baik, the Janda Baik Goat Farm is just under an hour away from KL. You can learn all about goats, milk them and buy goat milk. The farm is open every day, from 9 am to 5.30 pm. To find out more about the Janda Baik Goat Farm, have a look at their FB page here

Have a look at our review here.

6. The Forest Skywalk, Kepong

Skywalk 2 - Happy Go KL

Located in the Kepong Botanical Gardens, the FRIM Skywalk is a great opportunity for kids to enjoy nature and have a good workout as well. If you want to buy tickets, click here on their website.

Have a look at our review here.

7. The Clearwater hiking trail at Genting Highlands

Clearwater hike 7 - Happy Go KL

“Preserving, protecting and promoting the biodiversity assents of Genting Highlands”, is the slogan hiking guide Eddie uses for each of his FaceBook posts. He is very knowledgeable with lots of passion, pointing out the various flora and talking about the fauna, the future plans for Genting Highlands and the need to sustain the biodiversity. A great way to learn more about the flora and fauna in Genting Highlands. More here in our review.

8. Farm Fresh Malaysia, Selangor

The Acres 3 - Happy Go KL

Explore Farm Fresh Malaysia’s ‘Farm Experience’ at The Acre by Farm Fresh in Serdang, Selangor. The Farm and its accompanying restaurant The Acre are only half an hour away from KL. There are many fun activities for kids, like a tractor ride, a pony ride, there is an enclosure with farm animals, and a great restaurant. Have a look here at our review.

9. The Sheep Sanctuary, Cameron Highlands

sheep farm 3 - Happy Go KL

How would you like the opportunity to get a glimpse of the experience of petting sheep in let’s say New Zealand, while remaining in Malaysia? You can do ‘Lamb Therapy’, at The Sheep Sanctuary in Cameron Highlands! The opening hours of The Sheep Sanctuary are 9 am – 5.30 pm daily. You can buy tickets online here. More info here on their FB page and here in our review.

10. Your own back yard

edible garden 2 - Happy Go KL

You don’t need to venture out far, to raise the kids’ eco-awareness. If you’ve got a back yard or even a condo balcony, it doesn’t take much to start your own edible garden here, and have the kids help out as well. They’ll love to learn, to sow the seeds and harvest a few months later! Have a look at our article here, to find out how to create your own piece of eco-heaven.

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