Cuddling goats at Janda Baik Goat Farm

Ever wanted to experience milking and feeding a goat? Or how about petting and cuddling cute little baby goats? If your answer is ‘yes’ then Janda Baik Goat Farm is the place to head to!

Situated in Janda Baik, the goat farm is just under an hour away from KL. As we went on a weekday morning (after morning peak hour rush), traffic was smooth sailing and we got to Janda Baik in no time. However, be warned that upon reaching Janda Baik, the roads are narrow and pretty winding.

We followed Google maps to the location, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the farm signs (they are not that big), as the phone signal can be a bit sketchy and your internet connection might drop out when you are higher up in the mountains.

The goat tour

You will need to make a booking at least one day in advance for the tours around the goat farm. Each tour lasts for one hour and costs RM 10 per person, with a minimum of RM 50 required per booking. Upon arriving, we were greeted by three little kids (baby goats, that is…) roaming around freely. It was the cutest sight and definitely got our kids excited.

Our guide Hamzi welcomed us and brought us straight to the goat shed, where a whole pen full of excited goats were ready to greet us. One even tried to chew on my shirt out of excitement! Hamzi started by giving us some background information about the goats in the farm. The goats are Saanen goats, a Swiss breed of domestic goats and it is well known as one of the best breeds for milk.

After a brief explanation on goats (about gestation, and how to tell the difference between male and female goats) he showed us some baby goats who were only a few months old. We were allowed to bottle feed them with some milk they prepared. My girls absolutely loved feeding them with the bottle and watched in delight as the babies guzzled down all the milk in no time.

Next up, we were shown how to milk a goat. Hamzi explained that they do this once a day, early in the morning to harvest the milk. We were then given the opportunity to milk the goat… How exciting!

After the goat shed, we headed down to the grass shed where he showed us how they harvest and prepare Napier grass, which is used to feed the goats. After preparing a bag of grass, we went to another goat shed and started feeding the goats there. We even got to cuddle some kids and obviously take lots of photos too.

Sweet ending 

Of course we couldn’t leave before trying some goats milk. We bought the flavoured milks to try (strawberry, mango and coffee) and they all tasted super fresh. 


I must say it was such a good experience, not just for the kids but also for us adults too! Highly recommend this fun and educational tour for the whole family. 

The farm is open every day, from 9 am to 5.30 pm. To find out more about the Janda Baik Goat Farm, have a look at their FB page here. To book a tour, please contact Hamzi at 018 248 3784.

Fancy staying the night while in Janda Baik? Have a look here at our review for a glamping experience at Tiarasa Escapes!

Goat farm 3 - Happy Go KL


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