Veg Fish Farm Thai restaurant, Hulu Langat

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We had to go and check Waze carefully when we got an invite for a family dinner at Veg Fish Farm Thai restaurant. With a name like that we were intrigued. Apparently the folks in Ampang and KLCC side of the city know this place, but for us outside the line of sight from the twin towers, it is an unknown territory that seems hours away – which, in a Friday traffic it kind of was.

Following the navigator blindly, we made our way up the final hill, passing by the old Ampang lookout point that was closed years ago. On the left side of the road food stalls were just getting busy when we drove past and got a glimpse of the breathtaking view over the city.

Following Waze and the signpost to the parking lot we quickly realised we were the only ones who hadn’t known about this place.

The setup of Veg Fish Farm Thai restaurant seems like another word compared to the glamour of the twin towers, just a stone’s throw away. The diners are seated in bamboo huts over a small pond, that looks like is home for most of the fish on on the menu. There were also tanks with crabs and other seafood to choose from.

While we were waiting for the food, the kids were kept busy with feeding the swarms of fish with the fish food available for sale in the shop.

Other than feeding fish, the highlight of the night for the kids must have been the fact that the food arrived on a boat! The boatman ferried the ready dishes across the pond with great vigour, and the kids enjoying watching this like it was a night at a boat race.

While the adults were happily socialising, one the kids had talked his way into the boat, beaming next to the driver while gliding past us delivering another table’s food. He was swiftly ushered off the boat by the aunty in charge, gasping in horror. So now we know, kids on boats are not allowed.

We sampled a variety of dishes, and a special mention goes to the squid and fried spinach – looks like we finally have discovered the green vegetable that gets gobbled up by any child.

The food we ordered didn’t have a particularly strong Thai flavour, but was all tasty enough if a bit oily. The service was a bit on the slow side, but we were entertained by the boats and an intriguing live music performance taking place on a small platform across the pond.

All in all we had an enjoyable evening, and if we lived closer we could visit more often for the quirky atmosphere. This would also be a good place to bring visitors for something a bit different, and as most seafood places they can cater large groups. You can check their website for the menu and more information.

If you are a seafood lover, check out this post on Pulau Ketam, and this on Kuala Selangor – both great destinations for those looking for a feast of fish and crabs.

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