Day trip from KL to Sepang: mini road trip

On a sunny Sunday, armed with beach toys  (and nothing much else since someone forgot the bag by the door) we headed to Sepang, only about one hour’s drive from KL. We know that the nearest strip of beaches is more like muddy field of mangroves, especially during low tide, so the objective of the day was to build a few sand castles and have some ice cream along the way.

Our first stop on the way to Sepang was Pantai Kelanang, busy with families camping and barbecuing. After a quick game of football on the beach that left us covered in mud, we decided it was time to move on. Driving down the coast past Morib it seemed that camping really is a national pastime, tents lining the shores.

Rabbits are a hit in our family at the moment and hence we cannot waste any opportunities to pet one. Soon after Morib we made a pit stop at Kuan Wellness Eco Park, curiously named place with not only rabbits to pet and feed, but also a bird’s nest production centre. First time for everything – I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the birds’ nest served in a sweet broth. Kids loved the rabbits hungry for the 2 RM carrots. You can also feed fish, porcupines and deer – many of them in rather small enclosures. Adults appreciated the info on bird’s nests in an air-conditioned room. Not sure what is eco about this place but it makes a nice stop.

gold coast, sepang

Tiny hamlet of Tanjung Sepat was overflowing with visitors, that apparently flock in to see what is left of the so-called Lovers’ bridge – which was pretty much just a very narrow jetty to start with, and now the wooden extension has collapsed.

tanjung sepat 3 HGKL

tanjung sepat from lovers bridge HGKL

There are a few sea food restaurants by Sepang jetty, and the surrounding streets were covered in CNY decorations and photo props.

tanjung sepat 4 HGKL

Our last stop in Sepang was Pantai Bagan Lalang, another wide, muddy beach with campers and great wind for kite-flying. This is also the home of the palm-shaped Avani resort. We wanted to take a peek and had coffees in their breezy cafe. The resort area is guests-only, so we couldn’t snoop around too much. The idea of these water villas is beautiful but there is only one thing missing: the water. If you’ve got more time, you can stay at The Thistle in Port Dickson, just south of Sepang. Have a look at our review here.


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