MAE holiday camps in November 2019

If you’re looking for a holiday camp for the upcoming school holidays, take a look at the selection of camps within the Mad About Education group. There is lots on offer!

What is Camp MAE?

Camp MAE is an Outdoor Education Centre, that caters to promote the importance of nature education to children. Based within the compounds of Amverton Cove Gof and Island Resort in Carey Island, Banting, Camp MAE is established by the Mad About Education Group, an organisation that is devoted to building a solid foundation in the education industry within Malaysia through alternative learning.

All programmes and activities at Camp MAE are designed and created based on the concept of learning and encouraging children to learn through analysing, experimenting, exploring and experiencing in the different fields of education. The main objective behind each of these programs are to encourage children to build character strength and life skills such as leadership, independence, problem solving skills, teamwork, critical thinking skills and many other moral values. These skills and values are extremely important for children, as it moulds their individual character and helps them when they enter the working world. 

Camp MAE has a variety of programmes for children of different ages:

Nature Play programme

This programme (2 hours) takes place every 4th Saturday of the month for kids between 2-6 years and is accompanied by parents. Activities includes a mud trail in the mangrove swamp, messy art, a nature scavenger hunt in the jungle, animal love and care and some fun outdoor sports.

The Adventure Camp and the Art Camp series

A series of overnight camps for children 7-17 years old, to encourage them develop and build life skills.
The happy campers will get to learn a variety of activities such as building a tent, learning to start a fire and jungle cooking. They will also experience adventure activities such as obstacle courses, flying fox, abseiling, wall climbing, canoeing and more exciting stuff!

The Ohana Camp

A series of overnight camps for the younger kids and families to encourage bonding and building relationships.

Set to be Malaysia’s leading alternative education platform, the Mad About Education Group wants Camp MAE to be an outdoor education hub, that provides children with the ability to learn more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes, their potentials and capabilities. Most importantly, Camp MAE enables each child to develop an individualistic character – one that can mould them to be future leaders.  

They also have programmes that cater to schools, nurseries, kindergartens and private groups. To learn more about them, visit MAE website, Facebook page or email

This post is sponsored and written by Mad About Education.

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