Keep calm and eat durian

You’ve got about five seconds to steer away from this page, if you’re not into durian. The scent of the king of fruits will inevitably get to you, yes even online through this article. You’ve been warned! If you’re a fan, please do read on.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love it and those who hate it!

It is July and durians can still be found in abundance in the Klang Valley. One of the best places by far to go and sample some, is the Durian Man in SS2. Let’s have a look!

The Durian Man in SS2

Durian man - Happy Go KL

I do honour my Mama-name and can have durian for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recently, I had the pleasure to join a friend of mine to the Durian Man in SS2. According to her, this place is durian heaven, and I was eager to check out what the hype was about.

After arriving at the Durian Man, which is located on a corner in a large open-air building (parking is fairly easy on the streets), we get out of the car. Immediately, a sweet scent fills our noses, our minds, and our whole being. Yes! Time to attack. We choose some Khun Po, XO and Musang King and sit at one of the large tables, meant to be shared with other guests.

Durian man 7 - Happy Go KL

The Khun Po was selling for RM55 per kilo, XO for RM45 per kilo and the Musang King was priced at RM88 per kilo. We are also after the Black Thorn, but unfortunately, it is sold out.

After making our selections at the front of the shop, the staff opens the fruits and brings it to the table, though we still have to make an effort to get the fruit out.

Worth the pain

“Ouch!” My finger is pierced by one of the thorns and I bite my tongue. The only thing to blame here though, is my own eagerness to get to the good stuff. The thin plastic gloves provided are not strong enough for my clumsy fingers. No time to feel sorry for myself because my friend, who obviously is much more skilled than I am, is already devouring her second piece.

I try again and am more successful this time. The taste is sensational! First up was the Khun Po, with a light-yellow appearance and a nutty taste. Up next the XO, with a juicy afterbite and a big pit. The Musang King wasn’t too sweet, which I personally appreciate.

Durian man 2 - Happy Go KL

While we’re having a great time with our durian selection, two busloads of tourists spread all over the place and in no time, most durians are sold out. Luckily, we got there on time.

A ‘heaty’ kind of food

It is said that you need to counter the ‘heatyness’ of the durian with either coconut juice, or with water that you poor into an empty durian shell and drink from there. I try to minimise the risk of injuring myself again, and I order a coconut. It does taste lovely and complements the taste of the durians.

At the front of the shop, you can pay after your feast and there is a big selection of durian byproducts, such as chocolates, biscuits and coffee, all durian infused. It’s not for me since I am a fan of the pure fruit, but if you feel adventurous or eager to bring a nice Malaysian souvenir back to your home, you could buy some.

durian man 8 - Happy Go KL

Families can have a good time here. With a small noodles stall and an ice cream cart on the side, kids will enjoy themselves as well.

Half of this website’s readers may have turned to safer shores after reading the first paragraph, so if you’re still here, you will be happy to know that you can count yourself amongst the connoisseurs. Wishing you a great time at the Durian Man!

The Durian Man is located at Lot 7680, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, Petaling Jaya. Its exact location is here. Oh joy, they deliver as well, and you can order if you WhatsApp to 012 234 5619. More info on their website here.

Durian man 9 - Happy Go KL

 How about heading to Secret Garden at 1 Utama after your feast to take in some greenery?


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