A Swiss treat in Chalet, EQ Kuala Lumpur


I had the pleasure of being invited recently to a preview of the Chalet restaurant, which will be in the EQ Kuala Lumpur for three weeks only starting from 27 July up to 17 August. The Equatorial Hotel originally housed the legendary and highly acclaimed Chalet restaurant. Starting in 1974, it became one of the most coveted venues for special occasions until the hotel closed. For Malaysia’s royalty, socialites, and glitterati, the restaurant’s impeccable service combined with its sophisticated decor embodied an era of grandeur and culinary excellence. Now, it has returned to its roots at EQ Kuala Lumpur, promising to deliver the same exceptional quality that has made it famous.

The menu at Chalet curated for the 3 weeks extravaganza features a delightful array of classic Swiss dishes. Highlights include the Classic Caesar Salad, Raclette Valaisanne, Lobster Thermidor, Zuercher Veal Emince, and a variety of desserts such as Crêpes Suzette and Sabayon, all of which are prepared and served table side, adding a touch of theatrical flair to the dining experience.


During the preview event, which was held at Sabayon, we were treated to an amazing selection of dishes. We began with Salads de l’Empire Roman, a refreshing and well-balanced starter. This was followed by the fabulous Crème de Champignons, a creamy wild mushroom soup served in a giant bread roll that was both hearty and comforting.

For the main course, we had a choice between sliced veal and roasted duck breast, both of which were cooked to perfection.

The meal culminated in a spectacular demonstration of how to prepare the ultimate Crêpes Suzette, which we then had the pleasure of tasting.

Chalet - Crepes Suzette
Crêpes Suzette

Chalet: for three weeks only

The three-week pop-up will be located on the third floor of EQ Kuala Lumpur, where every effort will be made to recreate the original Chalet restaurant. This includes replicating the decor and ambiance that made the Chalet such a beloved dining destination. During the preview, a few of the original staff members were present to answer our questions about the restaurant’s history and to enhance the experience with a fantastic dance performance during the preparation of the Crêpes Suzette.

The food truly was delicious, with each dish showcasing the high-quality ingredients and expert preparation that the Chalet is well known for.

The wines perfectly complemented the dishes, and the service was, as always, impeccable, with attentive and knowledgeable staff ensuring that every detail was taken care of.

If you are in Kuala Lumpur and looking for a taste of Switzerland, this is your chance to experience one of the top hotels and one of the top food experiences in the city. The Chalet at EQ Kuala Lumpur offers a unique opportunity to savour award-winning Swiss cuisine in a beautifully recreated setting. Don’t miss this limited-time event to enjoy a legendary dining experience that has stood the test of time.

We were invited by EQ Kuala Lumpur. As always, our opinions are honest and our own.

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