Top 3 favourite food courts in KLCC

Food courts combine a restaurant’s convenience with the vibrance of street food, making them a delightful culinary oasis for families. Here are my top 3 food courts in KLCC, selected for their diverse cuisines and friendly atmosphere.

Food courts are slightly more expensive than street food places but offer a comfortable, air-conditioned environment, making dining pleasant for families, especially in the heat of Kuala Lumpur. I would say they are perfect for our family, since there are so many options to satisfy everyone’s taste needs. Moreover, the prices are affordable, ensuring a budget-friendly experience.

1. Signatures at Suria KLCC

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food courts 9 - Happy Go KL

Located in the heart of the city, Signatures at Suria KLCC is a popular food court with a big variety of options. It also has a stunning view of the KLCC lake and the park. You can get some food and go straight to the park afterwards, to have fun with your family.

Our kids love the fish and chips from SHUCKED at this food court. We as parents eat practically everything, but the curry laksa from Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers is the best. Do keep in mind that Signatures is a popular spot and can get really busy, especially during weekday lunch breaks.

2. Food Hall at Intermark Mall

food courts 3 - Happy Go KL
food courts - Happy Go KL

My second favourite is Food Hall at Intermark Mall. It is approximately a 20-minute walk from Suria KLCC and near Ampang Station. Despite its smaller size, this food court with its cozy ambiance offers a satisfying variety of appetising dishes.

We find the food from Dodo Korea very nice, but our kids would rather choose food from the Western corner, like fish and chips or French fries with chicken nuggets.

Still hungry? Intermark Mall has a lot of other dining options, ensuring you won’t leave the place feeling hungry.

3. Food City at Avenue K

food courts

Nestled opposite the Twin Towers and about a 15-minute walk from Intermark Mall, Food City at Avenue K offers a tranquil dining experience. Although smaller than the previously mentioned food courts, it surprises visitors with a diverse range of food court delights. The tranquil atmosphere and relaxing design offer a peaceful escape from the busy city.

My personal favourite at Food City is the Ipoh soup from LingLong Cantonese Cuisine. The kids always choose something from the Western food corner. It’s a safe choice for them since they don’t eat spicy food.

I believe these food courts are heaven for food lovers. They are convenient, have a diverse selection of cuisines and offer a friendly atmosphere for families. I am sure there are other similar spots around KLCC and I’m curious to know about your personal favourites?

If the kids still have energy after lunch, why not explore more of KLCC with them and take the walkway from Suria KLCC to Pavilion?

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