Magical mystery tour from KLCC to Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang (The Golden Triangle) through to Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) is my home stomping ground. I have walked the steel and glass canyons to the extent that I do not get lost anymore. But between jammed up traffic and high humidity I always arrived back home very hot and sweaty.

Since those early days I have found a fun sweat-free way to explore the area. It’s time to take the family on a magical mystery tour!

Just after 10am, I drive down one of the many ‘Bat Cave’ tunnels (coined by wife) into the KLCC carpark. Park, into the lift and out again at the Concourse level heading towards the main KLCC central display area, turn left near the main escalators and past Cold Storage towards Maybank at the end.

Subterranean cool walkway


From Maybank I peer along a pedestrian concourse with some couples and families walking to and from the other end. Observe the sign and arrow pointing to Aquaria and my journey to Pavilion Bukit Bintang commences.

Retro photo art adorns the walls with selected sculptures complimenting the wall art and all offset by psychedelic ceiling art at intervals along the way. Everything about this is well maintained, well lit, floor is highly polished, and subterranean cool!

walkway KLCC 12 - Happy Go KL
walkway KLCC 10 - Happy Go KL

The pedestrian tunnel deviates to the left. If you are uncertain of the way, just ask one of the friendly security guards positioned at strategic points for guidance. Always keep an eye out for the signage to Aquaria.

Surprisingly, the entire glossy tunnel experience ends in a double and open fire door that announces entry to the Aquaria precinct and associated food court. Follow your nose around the circle till the other end, where the main entry to Aquaria is.

walkway KLCC 14 - Happy Go KL

Head up the escalators to the right to street level. Once through the sliding glass doors there is another escalator to the right which heads up to the air-conditioned elevated walkway to Pavilion.

This is the fun part, being in air conditioning above the roads and walking at comfy pace, sometimes doing flip-flops skating along the polished downhill tiles or picking up pace along the honed edge tiles. If you want a quick walk, stick to the sides. If walking around dusk, Eat Street KL is easily accessible from the walkway.

Another intersection with signage above to guide along the long gradient upwards to Pavilion. Turn left at the top of the grade and walk towards Pavilion, which is now visible through the wall glass.

walkway KLCC 16 - Happy Go KL

At last Pavilion is reached with Illy Café on the left at the entry, with many more eateries along the great hall. Keep on walking towards Pavilion’s main entry and fountain and you will see signs for Fahrenheit 88 towards the other end. You can continue the journey underneath Jalan Bukit Bintang to Lot 10 on the other side. Keep an eye out for those red colour Fahrenheit signs and you will not get lost.

Time spent to Pavilion? Around 15 minutes and 2,200 steps and no sweaty armpits!

Handy tips

  • Start your walk not long after 10 am opening hours. It can get busy later on, especially around the Aquaria area.
  • Have the kids be the tour guides doing sign finding and enjoying the explore.
  • KLCC Aquaria tunnel closes at 9pm and the above road walkway closes at 11pm.
  • Toilet stops are at the beginning and end of the walkway and all are well maintained.

Fun fact: the above road walkway was opened in 2012 and is exactly 1.173 kilometres long.

While you’re in Bukit Bintang, check out restaurant Shook! at Starhill Gallery across the road from Pavilion. A great place for a fancy lunch! Have a look at our review here.

walkway KLCC - Happy Go KL

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