Surf’s up in Desaru!

As a family that loves the beach and the water, we were all excited to try surfing in Malaysia, something we didn’t know was even possible! The kids had never surfed before, so we booked a two hours lesson with Anchoviz Industries, situated along the public beach at Tanjung Balau, Desaru.

This place is a little further up the coast and away from the larger hotels. Us adults hired surfboards from Anchoviz too, so we could enjoy some time in the waves while the kids had their lesson. 

We were told that the best time to go was early morning before it got too hot, but even at 9am the sun was beating down. We were glad that we had all worn long sleeved UV swimwear and lots of sunscreen.

Up you go

anchoviz surfing 6 - Happy Go KL

After a brief demonstration about how to lie on the surfboard, how to paddle and ‘pop up’ on dry land, it was time for the kids to practise in the water. To our surprise, they were able to stand up on the surfboard the very first go. Our instructor was great at waiting for the right wave and giving the board an extra push so that the children could gather some speed.

The waves were gentle, and it was shallow enough for our kids to feel confident in the water — the perfect spot for beginners. They got such a thrill riding the waves all the way into the shore and the instructors were there to help them paddle back out again… and again!

After the lesson and a quick lunch break, we all headed down to the part of the ocean where the waves were bigger — the instructors were very helpful, taking our surfboards down to where we wanted them, so we didn’t have to carry them all the way. We enjoyed catching some great waves and practising our technique while the kids played on their bodyboards.

A few things to watch out for

  • Since it is a public beach, cars and motorbikes often drive along the sand, so it is worth keeping an eye on young children. 
  • There are no real facilities to speak of – Anchoviz has a very basic toilet and shower, but really the beach is all you will find here. Make sure to pack a picnic if you want lunch, and lots of water!
  • Be careful of the sun. You need some very strong sun cream, as it is easy to get burnt. Our instructor recommended bringing a tent, so that you can avoid the sun during breaks.
  • Do bring water shoes. My daughter wore some and her feet were well protected, while the rest of us got a few small scrapes when we fell into the waves and sand.

Overall, it was a great day of surfing and we’ll definitely be back for more.

Safety at Anchoviz Industries

Lessons are held in waist deep water, where the kids are still able to stand and feel the ground. Life jackets are provided upon request. Safety measured are discussed before entering the water.

Surf lessons cost RM70 per person for two hours, including surfboard and instructor. You can hire surfboards and for a full day you pay RM90. For a half day you pay RM60. Kids as young as seven years old can join the lessons. More info about location and bookings here on their FB page.

Would you like to combine your surf lesson with a hotel stay? Or how about a visit to Desaru Waterpark? Have a look here at our reviews!


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