Rockin’ it at Hard Rock Cafe, Puteri Harbour, JB

There was much excitement for us in Johor with the news that Hard Rock Cafe recently opened in Puteri Harbour! After seeing this area so quiet for too long, it is great news that new restaurants are popping up now and reviving the place once again. As a family, we’ve enjoyed eating at some of the other Hard Rock Cafes, so how did this one compare? 

The cafe is situated a little further away from the main strip of restaurants, in an area that is still being developed, so it is a little quiet. The Hard Rock Cafe itself is on the ground floor of a large building alongside the harbour. There is an outdoor seating area here too, which would be enjoyable in the evening.

John Lennon’s tie

Since it was raining during our lunchtime visit, we quickly went inside and discovered the familiar setting of the Hard Rock Cafe. Like other outlets, you can spend a bit of time admiring the memorabilia and various outfits worn by pop stars. Our waitress took us to a booth right next to one of John Lennon’s ties!

The main feature of the restaurant is the huge stage, which is all set up and ready for a performance. Since we were visiting at lunch time, there was no one playing, but the restaurant does have a live band playing here Tuesday – Sunday from 8pm, so if you are keen on listening to live music whilst enjoying your dinner and drinks, this is the place to come.

QR coded menu

Our waitress showed us how to download the menu using a QR code and our food arrived fairly quickly, since there were only a few families there at lunchtime. The food was pretty similar to the other Hard Rock Cafes we have been to and mainly consists of classic American diner food such as burgers and hotdogs – which of course our kids loved!

As you might expect, the prices here are a little on the steep side. The kids’ hotdog meals were RM21 each, however this did also included a juice drink. Of course the kids loved the fact their meal was served on a guitar shaped plate. The adults’ food is also fairly pricey. I ordered a burger which was huge. I couldn’t finish it, but overall it was tasty. 

Hard Rock Cafe

Checking out the merch

After our meal, we had a little browse in the shop attached to the restaurant which sold souvenirs and t-shirts. Great if you want a little keepsake to take home!

Overall, it was a fun restaurant to visit and it would be a fantastic place to gather with friends in the evening for some live music, drinks and laughs. The adults will definitely be back to listen to some bands in the future.

You can find out more about Hard Rock Cafe Puteri Harbour by visiting their website here.

Hard Rock Cafe Johor 2 - Happy Go KL
Hard Rock Cafe Johor - Happy Go KL
View from the cafe

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