Qra: a modern neighbourhood grocer

Explore, Learn and Buy” at Qra supermarket in Bukit Tunku. With their slogan in mind and knowing they’re very much into eco sustainability, today I make sure to wear one of my reusable face masks before entering the food store. Needless to say, I brought my own shopping bags…

Armed with my shopping list and a bag full of expectations, I scan the QR code at the entrance.
“The other one, Ma’am,” grins the guard on duty. I bet he points this out at least ten times a day, since the QR scan for the shop is very similar to the Mysejahtera code next to it. Oh well. I accept a plastic sheet with a number (the shop only allows 30 customers at a time), grab a trolley and off I go.

First stop: coffee

A big hurray for the first counter on your left: the coffee corner. The shopping trolley has a cup holder for your favourite type of brew, perfect. When you bring your own cup, you get a discount. Nice one! This is also the place where bread is located. A sufficient but tiny selection. This is a neighbourhood grocer after all, I remind myself.


Worm poo and seeds

Passing through the meat shop which looks decent, we enter the fruits and vegetables area. Not too extensive either and no durians, but definitely ok for your basic veggie needs. In one corner I find a display with worm poo and seeds, to create your own edible garden. How cool! If you’d like to know more about edible gardens and how to grow them, have a look at our article here.

Next stop is the almond grinder for your almond butter (fancy!) and bulk food section. Name it and they have it! Whole grains, rice, flours, beans, nuts, nut butter and much more. You can either bring your own container or use a paper bag from the store. Simply scoop, weigh, label with the price tag and pay at the checkout counter.

Where’s the dog food?

At the back of the store, we find a wine and beer selection, as well as a pork meat counter where the butcher can marinate your meat for you. Will definitely try this next time!

There are not many household cleaning products, but they do have a few ‘green’ products. If you’re desperate for non-bleached toilet paper, you will find that too. Last item on my list: dog food. After cruising all aisles once again, I fear I have to feed the doggies something else for dinner this evening… I wonder if they’d be into almond butter?

Scan and pay

I opt for the self checkout counter and it is simple: scan, place your items in your shopping bags and pay.

Qra 13 - Happy Go KL

There are six reserved parking spots for customers, but they were all occupied when I was there. The big parking place at the back of the store (or actually the front) is most likely full. There is a valet service though. 

For those who prefer to shop from home: the store will start their online shopping service in May 2021. There are also plans to open a Qra store in Damansara Heights. Qra is definitely the go-to shop for eco aware foodies. Keep an eye on their Facebook page here, they seem to have a few giveaways and free coffees for special occasions.

Last but not least: it’s Q-ra. Not Queue-Are-Aaa… Happy shopping!

Qra 15 - Happy Go KL

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