The wonders of The Exchange TRX

The Exchange TRX

As most of you are aware, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a new shopping haven has emerged, captivating the attention of locals and tourists alike. The Exchange TRX, the city’s latest shopping mall, has quickly become a hotspot for those seeking a unique and immersive retail experience. Boasting a stunning design, an extensive array of stores, and a myriad of entertainment options, TRX is set to redefine the shopping landscape in Kuala Lumpur.

I decided to check it out and since I was warned that the parking rates are crazy expensive I decided to take the  MRT with The Exchange TRX station being connected to the mall. On arrival you cannot fail to be impressed – it is sleek, luxurious and grand.

The Exchange TRX
Chinese New Year decorations at The Exchange TRX

Something for everyone at The Exchange TRX

Of The Exchange TRX’s most remarkable features is its diverse range of stores, catering to every conceivable shopping need. From high-end fashion boutiques and the luxury department store Seibu, to more affordable options like H&M or G2000. Rumour has it that the first Apple Store will open there as well!

The carefully curated selection of brands ensures that shoppers can find everything they desire under one roof, making TRX a one-stop destination for all their shopping needs. There is also GSC’s flagship boutique cinema – the Aurum Theatre.

TRX City Park

However it was the other highlight I wanted to check out – namely the 10 acres TRX City Park atop the complex, a green oasis that proudly embraces its Malaysian identity. This expansive rooftop park is indeed a delightful blend of modern design and traditional influences, providing visitors with a unique recreational experience and over 150,000 plants from 150 local plant species.

TRX City Park
TRX City Park

There’s a Forest Walk, an Inspiration Garden, a Serenity Garden and at the heart of the park lies a free children’s play area, featuring 3 distinct areas. The first is the innovative Play City. Inspired by local architecture, Play City stands as a distinctive structure offering engaging challenges for toddlers and older children alike.

TRX City Park
Play City at TRX City Park

Adjacent to this, the Play Cave provides a space for kids to climb and explore, seamlessly connected to a waterfall and wading pools that add an element of adventure to the play experience.

TRX City Park
Play Cave at TRX City Park

Additionally, the Central Water Play area introduces a play fountain adorned with water-themed toys, creating an interactive and refreshing space for families to enjoy.

TRX City Park
Central Water Play Area

Whilst I love the whole concept of the TRX City Park since it caters to the desperate need for green spaces in the city, it definitely needs more shelter and shaded spots to protect the visitors from the sun and the rain.

Also, at the moment there are no restaurants on that level catering specifically to children although a Shake Shack is due to open soon. There’s also a Kenny Hills Bakers which has a family friendly menu.

For a more diverse choice head to the concourse level which has a food court and restaurants aplenty.

Overall The Exchange TRX seems to offer a distinctive experience that goes beyond just shopping and dining. The TRX City Park provides a pleasant space for relaxation and rejuvenation, and the playground offers an excellent opportunity for children to have fun. Additionally, the mall hosts a variety of shows and events, making it a central hub that seamlessly blends commerce, culture, and convenience.

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