Mompreneur series: Kong Wan Lin of Daisy Sky Malaysia

At Happy Go KL we are advocates of all things natural and were quite excited to interview Kong Wan Lin, founder and CEO of Daisy Sky Malaysia, a home-grown organic skincare  brand. Read on to learn how she has balanced her business with being a mom to two gorgeous little ones!

Can you give us a brief description of your business and when it started?

I started Daisy Sky Malaysia in August 2016. I was pregnant with my first child then and my skin was blotchy and dry and my hair was thinning. I researched everywhere and found out that organic essential oils would be perfect for my problems and they can be used by expecting mothers.

I went on organic forums and met a team of siblings who are aromatherapists and botanics specialists. We developed quite a good relationship from chatting and sharing ideas. It started from small samples and after a few trials, I began to see improvements so a few months after giving birth, I flew to Changsha to meet them – that was how Daisy Sky
Malaysia started.

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What made you decide to turn your interest into a business?

Having clear healthy skin is very important. I know that because I used to have terribly acne-prone skin during my college days! I tried many products from the market but none of it seemed to work. They all contained perfume, alcohol or preservatives of some sort.

When I discovered that essential oils and organic skincare had the power to transform my skin, I was amazed. It took a while and a few trials and errors, but when we found the right formula my skin, once red, dry and spotty, became smoother and brighter. Everyone started complimenting me on my healthy complexion!

All my friends wanted to know what was my secret so I partnered with a few silent investors and turned my discovery into Daisy Sky Malaysia.

I really believe that what is readily provided by Mother Nature is the best for your skin, hair
and body rather than anything chemically-produced. All our products are free of dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh skin irritants, and only contain skin-loving ingredients with added components made solely from vegetable and floral extracts. No additional coloring, alcohol, preservatives, mineral, silicone or animal products are used. We are 100% paraben-free and cruelty-free.

wan lin daisy sky malaysia - Happy Go KL

How do you balance your time between the other aspects of your life and being an entrepreneur?

I’m lucky to have a team behind the business to make sure that everything is on track. Also, I have a home office just by my living hall so I can take care of my baby while working from home.

Now everything can be done through my mobile. Thanks to technology, I spend my time reading and doing research online and also replying emails.

I have a helper to assist with the household chores as I focus on my baby and my business. My husband has also been a great help in setting up Daisy Sky Malaysia and provides very useful suggestions. He also takes care of our baby when I am needed for work purposes.

I think time management is very important and also the passion you have towards your business. When you have the passion and vision you will definitely make it work.

What challenges did you face getting your business started?

The challenge that I faced getting my business started was my limited knowledge of botanics and aromatherapy back then. I had to read and research a lot and kept asking questions to the experts. I learnt so much during the process and managed to pick it up, but it is also a constant learning process.

Also learning how to get more awareness for Daisy Sky Malaysia was a challenge initially. We are just a small humble business and it was a challenge in getting us noticed. We’ve now tied up with other online marketplaces, such as, and have engaged with a lot of beauty and lifestyle influencers. Our official launch in May 2017 had us  featured in top fashion and beauty magazines.

daisy sky malaysia - Happy Go KL
What tips do you have for other hobbyists or creatives who are thinking about
setting up their own business?

From my own experience, I would say that it’s very important to do your own research before you get anything started. Your vision and target need to be realistic. You need to understand the market and most of all, keep track of all accounting matters. How and where to spend the small fund that we had was one of the challenge as well.

Also to continue moving forward. You need to know that there will be times when things may not seem promising, and times when things are flowing smoothly. That’s when the learning part comes in. You should not feel negative about it instead it’s a chance for you to adapt and grow.

Some people will give up halfway. Success doesn’t come in a blink of eye. I feel it’s the whole process of keeping the wheels churning that makes you a true entrepreneur.

You can find Daisy Sky Malaysia online, in Facebook and Instagram, and Wan Lin’s personal stories in Instagram here.

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