Mindfulness – a solo exhibition by Jameson Yap

The solo exhibition ‘Mindfulness’ by Jameson Yap, also known as JY, is a unique experience currently on at Eslite Spectrum in The Starhill KL, Bukit Bintang.

The exhibition showcases JY’s fantastic calligraphy artwork, highlighting his unique approach to mindfulness and how he integrates it into his artistic process, exploring themes such as self-awareness, compassion, and the power of the present moment.

River Strokes calligraphy

JY’s calligraphy art is a beautiful tribute to his grandfather’s traditions and memories. Inspired by the meandering flow of a river, JY practiced his craft on newspapers and perfected his skills under his grandfather’s guidance. After 30 years of practice, he has developed a unique style, which he calls the ‘River Strokes’. His art flows like rivers through hills and valleys, expressing tradition, poetry, and emotions with each brush stroke.

While his art may seem unconventional, it is deeply rooted in the craft of traditional Chinese calligraphy and infused with contemplation, purpose, and layers of meaning beyond rules and boundaries. Through his distinctive Malaysian-influenced style, JY demonstrates that calligraphy can be both communicative and emotionally expressive by emphasising flow, gesture, and emotion.

Meeting JY was an added bonus. He is warm, welcoming, humble, and took the time to explain his artwork and the inspiration behind it to the visitors. His passion for his work was evident, and his ability to communicate complex ideas about the power of mindfulness through his art is insightful.

Art coming to life

One of the true highlights of the exhibition was witnessing JY’s live art demonstration. It was an interesting experience to watch him create a masterpiece right before our eyes, using delicate brushstrokes and his own unique mindfulness techniques. His passion and dedication shone through as he brought his art to life.

After completing his work, JY shared with us the deep emotional significance behind it and how it was inspired by the beauty and wisdom of nature, as conveyed in a beautiful traditional Chinese song called ‘Xiao Cai’ (Little Grass).


Delve into your inner emotions

For lovers of calligraphy this exhibition is a real treat, but even for a newbie like myself it was definitely worth checking out. Whether you are young or old, JY invites you to immerse yourself in his mindfulness series and experience the strength and beauty of his flow. By observing and appreciating each character created with his signature ‘River Strokes’, you can allow yourself to delve deeper into your inner self and emotions. This is an opportunity to initiate a profound dialogue between what you see and how you feel, regardless of whether it calms you down or stirs up your emotions.

Useful info

An added bonus: the exhibition is held at the Eslite Spectrum in The Starhill KL. It’s a recently established cultural venue and they have a great selection of Chinese, English and Malay language books. They also have music, design and hand-made goods, and organise performing arts. More info here.

The exhibition will run until 30 June 2023. There will be another life art performance by JY on 17 June at 3pm. After this, he will be available to sign his books at 4pm.

Older kids will enjoy the exhibition, and although it’s not aimed at younger kids, the fabulous bookstore next door certainly will excite them if they’re into reading. If your kids are into art, please have a look at our list of art galleries here.

We were invited by Eslite Spectrum. As always, our opinions are honest and our own.

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