4 Favourite spas for massage in KL

Mamas juggling multiple hats and schedules require some pampering and a good massage from time to time. There are lots of excellent places for massage in KL, that cater to every need and budget. Here are some of our favourite places for massage in KL for the days that we manage to be kid-free.

Hammam Spa


Hammam is a Moroccan inspired spa with a full range of treatments. I recently tried their one hour aromatic massage and was kneaded into a total state of bliss. I chose the one located in Publika, but there is another Hammam in Bangsar Village II. I was unsure how I could relax in a busy shopping mall but once you enter the doors, an oasis of calm pervades. The Moroccan décor gives a charming harem-like vibe. There are some really nice touches, like the sweet tea that greeted us, followed by nice warm foot bath. After this, a lovely hour of relaxation commenced. The masseuses are lovely and give you options of how hard you want the massage and choice of oil (calming, weight-loss, cleansing and so on).

The Hammam and Gommage is an exfoliating scrub and an experience in itself. It may not be for faint-hearted or those too precious about their bodies being (wo)man-handled. Suffice to say, you cannot imagine how much dead skin a lady can have if you haven’t been gommaged by one of the brisk and beautiful Hammam ladies. Have a look here at our review!


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Tanamera Wellness is a proponent of traditional Malay treatments. Traditionally, Malay beauty treatments are family secrets handed down from generation to generation and rarely shared outside the home. What was once practiced behind closed doors by midwives, healers or more commonly known as ‘mak andam‘ is now revived and shared  by Tanamera. Their in-house brand of spa products are again all based on traditional formula and all natural. They also have quite an extensive pre-natal and post-natal massage options. Read this post for more on pre and post-natal massages, as well as being pregnant in KL.

Thai Odyssey

thaiodyssey - Happy Go KL

Thai massage is like waking up from a nap realising you’ve just done an hour’s worth of yoga. Thai Odyssey, the household name of Thai massage in KL, might be triple the price of a beach massage north of the border but the surroundings are a notch up, too. And there’s none of that business with sand. The soothing standard atmosphere is conveniently available in most malls. I find the masseuses vary in skills, but I have been very happy more times than not – I am on my umpteenth package – and have to say it’s my favourite spot for a Thai massage in KL.

Chinese Reflexology in TTDI

If your muscles need hard-core kneading and instead of pan pipes you want to hear your spine crackle like a bowl of rice crispies, head over to one of the Chinese reflexology centres around Rahim Kajai in TTDI. This is where I head to if I feel like carrying children or too much typing has blocked the circulation from my head. Very little English or Malay is spoken here, and you will get sighs and tut-tutting if you haven’t been taking care of your spine. On the plus side these are some of the more economic places for massage in KL!

For comprehensive overview of the top spas in KL, check out The Yum List’s reviews.

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