Luxury at its best in Aurum Theatre, The Gardens Mall

Aurum Theatre in The Gardens Mall is a cinema like no other. It’s the epitome of luxury! Tickets are quite pricey (MYR 150 per ticket for Getha Lux Suites), so catching a movie here is truly a treat.

I brought my son back in January. We hadn’t done much during the year end break and I had a serious case of mum guilt! I thought it’d be a nice experience for him, just before school started again.

Tickets, popcorn, set!

As we went on a weekday, I didn’t bother buying the tickets online, as I thought it’d be pretty empty. There isn’t counter service for tickets; you have to buy them from the ticketing machine. If you’re not one who likes working the machines, an attendant is there to help you from start to finish. First stop for us was at Jin Gastrobar, as food and a drink are included with the purchase of each ticket. This was more of a snack than a full meal, but it was sufficient for us for what’s a movie without popcorn?!

Aurum Theatre 1

Off to our beds we go at Aurum Theatre

After finishing up, we headed up the escalator to the cinema halls. Once you’ve shown your tickets to the attendant, you will be escorted to your hall and shown to your ‘seats’. In our case, beds instead of seats(!) as we had bought Getha Lux Suites tickets.

While the attendant explained the functions of the controller to me, my son got busy with getting comfy on his ‘bed’. You can decide on your comfort zone by changing the incline level of the recliner. The beds have storage next to you much like a bedside table, which was very useful. You can also control the brightness of the bedside lamps. As all cinemas in KL are usually freezing, they give you your own blanket and you even get bedroom slippers – all to ensure that you’re completely relaxed while watching the movie. I did wonder at one point if I was going to fall asleep, as everything was suited for prime sleeping conditions!

Aurum Theatre 2

If you’re one to shy away from getting comfortable in public spaces, don’t worry. There was more than enough spacing between each set of seats and you do get a sense of privacy. All in all, catching a movie at Aurum is definitely one for special occasions.

Aurum Theatre has other halls besides Getha Lux Suites. They are Comfort Cabins and Escape Studios. The tickets for these halls are slightly cheaper at MYR 120 each. The tickets also come with food and a drink at Jin Gastrobar.

If you’re looking to bring your young ones for a movie, check out our family friendly cinemas listicle!

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