Family friendly cinema halls in Malaysia

Hurray, per 1 July 2020 you can take the family to the movies again! Watching a movie is such a great way to unwind. Then you have kids and you still go to the cinema, but it’s not the same because the kids get restless and scared of the dark and loud noises. Enter family friendly cinema halls, where the volume is down and lights are on.

MBO Kecil

This awesome family friendly cinema hall is now available in Starling Mall, Atria Shopping Gallery and Subang Parade in PJ. You have to see it to believe it: there is an actual mini playground at the area right below the screen. Most kids (depending on their age) are likely to get restless as the minutes roll by. The well padded play area allows them some fun time throughout the duration of the movie. The kids are allowed to take their shoes off, run around, talk and annoy their parents.

MBO kecil - Happy Go KL
Photos by MBO Kecil.

Seating & Pricing

There are some fun seating options in the family friendly halls. Standard actually refers to a beanie seat, which is like a mini couch. VIP is a normal seat. Family Beds come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you’re a family of two adults and one child, or one adult with two kids. Kids can even take a nap on this! Most of all it allows the family to cuddle together making the experience that much more fun.

Standard VIP Family Bed
RM16 RM17 RM43

Go on a Wednesday when the prices are SO worth it!

VIP Standard Family Bed
RM9 RM9 RM18
kids cinema KL - Happy Go KL
MBO cinema KL - Happy Go KL
  • My kid is tiny. Do I need to buy a seat for him/her? If your child is below 100cm tall they go in for free. Kids above 100cm need to get an individual seat priced at RM9 (standard kids’ price). Valid for kids up to 12 years.
  • Can I throw my kids party here this year? Of course!! Get your kid and their friends in a cinema hall and let the madness unfurl. Just approach any cinema crew or manager on duty for more info.
  • Tip: Diaper changing facilities are available outside the hall.
  • MBO Kecil is also available in Batu Pahat (Johor), Kuantan (Pahang) and Ipoh.

GCS Play Plus

Another great option is the newly launched GSC PlayPlus available only at IOI Mall in Puchong. Here the fun begins even BEFORE you enter the cinema hall. There is a superb lounge area where your kids can check out some games, visual aids and tools before the movie even starts. Adults can relax and head to the Starbucks kiosk right smack at the lobby.

GSC1 cinema for kids kuala lumpur - Happy Go KL

Seating & pricing

The spacious Cuddle Couch can seat a family of four.

Individual Beanbag Single Seat Twin Seat Cuddle Couch
RM14 RM16 RM19 (each seat) RM50

Once in the cinema, there is an indoor slide and also a play area.

new childrens cinema kl - Happy Go KL
kids movies GSC - Happy Go KL

Photos by Golden Screen Cinemas
  • Do I need to buy my child a seat? Kids aged 3 to 12 need to buy an individual seat.
  • Do they do parties? Yes! Just write to with your queries.
  • Tip: They should consider a diaper changing facility outside the cinema hall as there is none at the moment.

TGV Cinemas Family Friendly Sessions

For a great deal head to TGV for the family friendly sessions held every Saturday and Sunday at 11am at various outlets. The cinema halls are the regular ones, however, at these sessions kids are allowed to talk and move around.

The highlight here is that tickets cost a mere RM5 per kid (below 12) and RM10 per adult. Kids below 3 watch for free.

Tips for when you’re at family friendly cinemas

  1. Bring a jacket for your kids
  2. Book online especially on weekends if you don’t like to rush (you know how it is with kids!), but remember there is a booking fee.
  3. If your kids are totally into the play area, give them a gentle warning ten minutes before the movie ends, that they will need to leave soon.
  4. Keep the snacks with you and try not to let your kids run around with food.
  5. Do sit in the EXACT seats you bought. If you didn’t purchase a Family Bed seat or Cuddle Couch, you can’t hijack one should it be empty, as the actual occupants may just be a tad late.
  6. Check the suitability of the film at Common sense media.
  7. In family friendly halls, the lights are brighter and the sound is toned down. Having said that, my 3.5 year old boy still told us it was ‘so loud in there!’.

For more ideas for what to do with kids on weekends and holidays, check out this list.

Feature photo from GCS Play Plus.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi there!I think this may need to be amended because they are showing kids under 12 are not allowed yet to cinemas. I tried to book some tickets online specifically for TGV and GSC and they are not allowing it. Looks like MBO is fine but I’ve emailed them to double check.

    1. Hi Rochelle thank you for bringing this to our attention and we hope parents will indeed check first before deciding on a movie!

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