Fun ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching, on Sunday 21 June. Just like every other year, we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day with that one very special superhero in our lives. What’s different this year though, is that we will be celebrating this day during unprecedented times. 

Although the MCO (Movement Control Order) has recently been lifted, the new norm of social distancing still applies. We still navigate around cautiously, which means we do not move about as freely unless necessary. But that doesn’t mean Father’s Day needs to be any less special this year. No excuses for not making the best of a challenging situation!

This year’s Father’s Day will undoubtedly be different from what we are used to for most families, but there are still ways that you can show your love and have an amazing day with dad. So moms, here’s a list of fun and creative things you could get the kids to do with dad this Father’s Day to make it a special one!

Message in a bottle

Work with the kids to come up with ’52 Reasons Why We Love Dad’ message (one message for each week of the year). Get them to write their messages on paper cut outs, roll and tie them up, then fill them up in a jar. Mommy can help the kids write too, if kids can’t write yet. Or, better yet, make it a pictorial one with drawings and colourful stickers. It’ll be a fun project to work on with the kids. 

Video montage by the kids

Make a video montage with a collection of old photos and videos compiled into one big video for dad. And take a video of kids expressing in their own words why they love their Daddy so much. If a picture could tell a thousand words, imagine how much a video could tell with all the memories compiled together. It’ll surely be a touching surprise for dad.

Time outdoors

Whether it is for bike riding or a short hiking trip, spending some time outdoors with dad will be something he’d like and appreciate. So, load up on the snacks, sunscreen and hats, get into the sunshine and spend some quality time with dad. Just in case – be sure to check on the weather forecast first.

Camping in the home garden, with dad’s favourite BBQ

Relaxing in the great outdoors – is there any better way to spend Father’s Day?! Even if it were just in the comfort of the home garden, dad will appreciate relaxing and enjoying time with the family. Pair it with a BBQ cookout and it’ll be the perfect Father’s Day for dad. 

Movie marathon with the family

Does dad love watching movies? Why not join him to watch a full marathon of his most favourite series and movies! Better yet, set up a projector and screen to watch movies together as a family. It’ll be a great family bonding time. Don’t forget to load up on the unlimited popcorn and unending flow of dad’s favourite drink. 

A day to himself

Some dads are always working, even on weekends. You won’t see them taking a rest and stay idle. There’s always something to do or something that needs to be fixed. Why not grant him a ‘No Work Day’ and ‘Live like a King’, just for a day. No better Father’s Day for dad than to just sit back and relax.

Most of the activities highlighted above do not require much cost, mostly needing time and effort. Since most families have been home together during the restricted movement period, take the opportunity to get the family working together to prepare the perfect Father’s Day experience. 

Happy Father’s Day!

Punitha Chelliah is a stay at home mom of twins. She left a full time career of 12 years in Facilities Management when her precious twins were born. An avid reader, she is always looking and thinking of smart answers to her twins very philosophical questions. Her twins and pet dogs keep her busy all day long, but she makes time to exercise and jog whenever she can to destress. A coffee lover, she loves writing with a cuppa coffee by her side. 

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