Back by popular demand: Eastin Hotel KL’s Ramadan buffet

Eastin Ramadan

What happens when you have mastered a successful way of offering a memorable Ramadan dining experience feasting on a wide array of delicious traditional signature dishes, known to be given a certain ‘twist’, to which people want to keep returning to every year? Well, you stick to it!

Eastin Hotel KL‘s Ramadan Buffet is back and Executive Sous Chef Dennie, and his culinary team have managed to once again live up to the expectations.

A festive décor

Setting the mood and spirit for the upcoming month, restaurant Swez Brasserie at Eastin Hotel KL has been fitted accordingly with the festive décor that reminisce of ‘balik kampung’: enter the restaurant through a beautiful wooden reproduction of a front porch of a village house. Food stalls where Chefs are actively preparing signature dishes adds to the vibe and ambience. Colourful lanterns and ornaments gently accompany the soft lighting of the restaurant. It sure feels cozy and intimate for a buffet dinner!    

Eastin Ramadan buffet
Ayam Penyet

Traditional signature dishes with a ‘twist’ at Eastin Hotel KL

Chef Dennie walks around checking stations, chatting with patrons, and happily explaining processes: his passion for cooking and food is evident. He walks me through the signature dishes: their famous Kambing Panggang is cooked differently here. Rather than cutting it open to roast, it is stuffed with Biryani Rice and then roasted for 4 hours to preserve tenderness. He then claps his hands for attention and asks to ‘open up the lamb’ after which the chefs gently cut open the succulent lamb with steaming rice pouring out of it. The level of food entertainment tonight is certainly high! 

Eastin Ramadan
Kambing Panggang

Then there is the impressive pot of steaming Soup Gear Box Berempah, another signature dish which has been slow cooked for hours with tender beef falling off the huge marrow bones. Another chef stirs the pot and shows me the enormous bones, of which about 1.4 tons have been pre-ordered 3 months in advance.

The live Ayam Penyet Cabai Hijau station is fascinating as well: one of the junior chefs is deep-frying pieces of chicken and adding and grinding them into the freshly prepared sambal hijau.

All the way in the back, a row of big pans showcases favourite signatures such as Gulai Telur Ikan, Masak Lemak Siput Sedut, Rendang Daging Tetel, Kari Kepala Ikan Merah and Gulai Ayam Kampung. I have to slow down to take it in – there is a lot of food on display, almost making me miss the whole Indian and Noodle corners. 

Eastin Hotel KL

Attention to presentation and detail

The other hot station dishes are exquisitely presented too: food was not lumped all together in the food trays to accommodate the crowds, but attention had been paid to their display including highlighting some of the spices. I could not take my eyes off the dessert, fruit and vegetable ulam stations: an intricate mix of colours, smells, and creatively cut out pieces of different shapes and floral designs! I found it too beautiful to even touch.

Where to start?      

I truthfully had no idea where to start. Nor did my friend. We decided to divide up the dishes and try to cover as many stations as we could. The Kambing Panggang was really good with the meat juicy and delicious, while the at-first-sight-not-appealing-looking bone marrow soup bursting with flavour. The Ayam Penyet Cabai Hijau tasted delicious as well, although it left our mouths burning, and in want of cendol. The crunchy Burung Puyuh Berempah was addictive: something one could snack on the whole evening. The fish head curry was quite rich in taste, and we could not finish it between the two of us. A bit disappointed that we had only tried a fraction of the offerings, we were adamant though to leave some space for the desserts.

Eastin Ramadan

The amount and selection of Malay Kuih was enormous, while the chocolate pecan skillet pie, with its soft chewy texture and the apple crumble banana pudding came highly recommended by the General Manager of Eastin Hotel KL. There was a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows, and grapes waiting to be dipped into it, as well as burnt pandan cheesecake, durian apam balik and jelly sirup Bandung desserts. We certainly felt like Hansel and Gretel, overwhelmed by the sweets that we saw.

Eastin Ramadan

A must-visit place for a memorable (Ramadan) evening

Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel KL would be a great choice for a reunion dinner or any type of catch up with friends or family. The interior is cozy, yet festive. The taste of the food speaks for itself. During Ramadan, there will be a 2-piece live band performing in the background, adding to the overall relaxed atmosphere. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and we were filled to the brim with all these mesmerising flavours and impressions. Kudos to Chef Dennie and his team, again! 

The Icip-Icip Buffet at Eastin Hotel KL is available from 15 March until 8 April 2024, and can be purchased for RM156 nett per person (if purchased before 14 March), after which the normal price will be RM195 nett per person.

You can WA +6016 262 2070 or call +603 7665 1111 for reservations.

MiCasa All Suites Hotel also offers a buka puasa buffet if you’re in that area.

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