Delightful mooncakes from Signature Market

Tai Thong Restaurants used to be where the entire family would head to for celebratory Chinese meals when I was still in high school. Food and service were always top notch. But as the years went by, it seemed like their outlets were disappearing. I don’t even think of them anymore, until mooncake season comes along. With so many options to choose from nowadays for mooncakes, I always yearn for the stalwarts: mooncakes that I know and have grown-up with.

To hear that Signature Market has teamed up with Tai Thong to offer healthy versions of mooncakes this year, made my heart leap with joy! The Delightful Reunion mooncake gift set arrived in a red and black corrugated box and it was like Christmas morning when I was opening it up. It was stuffed with goodies!

Let’s dig in…


The mooncakes are Shanghainese mooncakes, which have a shortbread-like crust, instead of the traditional skin. Heavenly buttery aromas wafted up when I was opening the mooncake packaging which made me drool and I couldn’t get the pack open quick enough! The filling is a yam and black sesame paste with a single yolk, which wasn’t sugary, but syrupy and sweet. Biting into the mooncake, the crust was crumbly and together with the filling, every bite was like a ‘melt in your mouth heaven’.

Healthy treats

Signature Market is an online grocery store which sells natural and organic products as they believe that healthy living starts with what you eat. As such, aside from the mooncakes, the Delightful Reunion mooncake gift set comes with a variety of healthy treats. The classic nut mix, Omega-3 trail mix and low carb mix were absolute delights. I can understand why they packaged the mooncake with three packs of nut mix. I found it was a good balance when indulging in the mooncake.

The organic roasted chestnuts were gone in a jiffy. The flesh was soft and sweet – yums! The smell of the pineapple cake when I opened up a pack, brought back Chinese New Year memories for me (is it just me who only eats pineapple tarts during CNY?!). The pineapple filling is generous and the pastry buttery. The other half promptly laid claim to the rest of them. Roasted pistachio in shell were also yummy (I just wished it came in a larger pack!).

The Delightful Reunion mooncake gift set also comes with Ryokucha dark chocolate cookies, real seaweed crisps, and mini sun-dried apricots. Premium mountain snow chrysanthemum tea and raw honey are also included. There’s nothing like having mooncakes together with Chinese tea in my books!

Made in Malaysia

I simply love that majority of the items from Signature Market are made in Malaysia, and organic to boot. I truly enjoyed this set as I thought it was filled with endless healthy treats!

Would you like to find out more places which sell delicious mooncakes? Have a look at our mooncakes listicle here.

Our mooncakes were sponsored by Signature Market. As always, our opinion is honest and our own.

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