Delicious mooncakes from Dorsett Grand Subang

It’s almost incredulous that the mooncake season is here again. It seems like it was only a few moons ago that we were compiling our 2020 mooncake listicle. The continuous lockdown has a way of messing time up – for me at least. Some days I can’t even recall if it’s a weekday or a weekend and before I know it, it’ll be the end of the year!

To kickstart this year’s mooncake season, we tasted the mooncakes from Dorsett Grand Subang. The mooncakes arrived, packed in a fuchsia pink vertical box which opens from the side. The moment I laid eyes on the box, I was already thinking of how it would make a great lantern: just fit in a LED tealight or a LED candlelight! I really do like packaging that can be reused for other purposes.

As much as packaging plays an important part in mooncake sets these days, the real stars have to be the mooncakes. So, what did we think of Dorsett Grand Subang’s mooncakes?

Prettiest mooncake ever

We tasted the Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake first. It is White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, wrapped in a blue crystal skin. The skin is blue, as it’s infused with organic blue pea flower. This has got to be the prettiest mooncake we’ve ever seen! I’m always wary of crystal skin (or as some call it snow skin) mooncakes, as they can come out wrong in my books, where the skin is too thick. Having said that, the Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake was a delight!

The skin was just right in thickness and when we bit into the mooncake, it was soft and chewy. Even the kid, who does not like mooncakes (what is it with kids and mooncakes?!), wolfed down his apportioned quarter.

And how about the other three?

The traditional version of the Lotus Paste with Single Yolk unfortunately did not hit the right note with us. We found it a tad dry. Perhaps we shouldn’t have had it right after having the Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake.

The traditional Pandan Lotus Paste was definitely on par with the Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake. The kid partook in this mooncake too and wolfed it down eagerly. “The soft, savoury crust together with the sweet filling mixed well”, he said.

Last up was Mango Lotus with Custard. This was certainly a mooncake with a twist, with the addition of mango. We didn’t really take to this mooncake as personally, we prefer traditional fillings. Boy, does that make us sound old…

As a whole, we truly did enjoy Dorsett Grand Subang mooncakes. For me, it’s a win as the kid has started to like mooncakes!

How to order?

If you order now, you can enjoy an immediate 20% discount when you place your order via this link. Would you like to find out more places which sell delicious mooncakes? Have a look at our mooncakes listicle here.


Our mooncakes were sponsored by Dorsett Grand Subang. As always, our opinion is honest and our own.

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