Can you win the Bomb Battle?

Being the latest addition to the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, Bomb Battle welcomes all KL-ites to a challenge. With your team, you’re invited to solve five puzzles within 75 minutes. Yeeks. Can you do that!?

Kaboom! Splash! I guess that’s the sound a paint bomb makes when it hits you full on. Dripping in all kind of different colours, we stare at each other, and I have trouble not to collapse from laughter. Hey, but let’s not get to the spoiler section… First things first.

What to expect upon arrival

The friendly staff will hand you your ‘battle outfit’, being a hazmat suit and plastic covers for your shoes. Yes, this does look hilarious, and it will cover all our clothes, so no need here to dress up fancy. Just leave your Gucci outfit at home, as well as your high heels. Your bags (if any) can go in the special safety boxes, just beside the venue of Bomb Battle.

Getting ready for battle

Bomb Battle

My team and I are all zipped up and we follow the staff member through the small hallway, which is changing into all colours of the rainbow every few seconds. After a thorough safety explanation from the staff member, we are allowed inside room number one. Let’s call it the Flow room. Those familiar with the online game, will excel here. It is entertaining and fun. I was in awe of the kids’ skills and the parents did need their help big time. Some lines can only move after your teammates connect their dots!

Bond. James Bond.

Room number two is the Lights and Lasers room. Can you manage to press all lit up buttons at the same time? If only I was an octopus. With two teams opposite each side of the room, some lights simply cannot be reached by arms, feet, knees, noses or other bodily limbs without the help of a third person.

Bomb battle 6 - Happy Go KL

Mum’s dash across the room was met by the family with laughter and a grump, since our points got deducted when my elegant body hit all laser beams at once. I blame the suit for this. Like a pro – James Bond could not have done it any better – my son slid across the floor though, avoiding the laser lights and assisting the dad-and-daughter team on the other side to press all lights before their time was up.

Room number three is the Music room, and this is a tough one! You need to replay a melody, to gain points and again, this is a team-based game.

Room number four is the Numbers Room and this time I won’t give you any spoilers. But hilarious and exciting it is! Pfew, those 15 minutes here went very fast.

Bomb battle 7 - Happy Go KL


We’re entering the last place: a white room, where a few bright coloured cannons are pointed at us. Yeeks. The game we need to play here while squeezing rubber balls was slightly confusing, but after following my kids’ instructions once again, we also manage to get through this one. Not enough points though, so we get ready for the finale. I quickly check my outfit and just when I notice a tiny gap between my helmet and the suit, a mix of multi-coloured paint swirls toward us. Blasted!

Bomb battle 8 - Happy Go KL

The Bomb Battle certainly is a great place for a few hours of hilarious fun for young and old between 7 and 70 years of age. You should have at least 4 pax in your team for optimal results. Personally, I think it’s more fun with teenagers (rather than smaller kids), who are better equipped to get through the games.

So far, no group has managed to disarm the paint bomb… Will your team be the first!?


  • Do go to the washroom before entering the Bomb Battle premises. Your 75 minutes will be more fun, if you don’t wet yourself while laughing your head off during the games.
  • Wear old or dark-coloured clothes. Even though the suit seems very protective, we did get hit by a few paint spots. The paint is water-soluble, but the colours are super bright and Bomb Battle doesn’t guarantee a totally clean outcome either. You’re warned! Good to know: the paint used by Bomb Battle is non-toxic and harmless, meeting the rigorous standards set by the EU EN71-3 regulation for toy safety.
  • Your bags can go in the handy lockers just next to the Bomb Battle outlet. The staff will give you a magnetic wristband for the purpose of locking and unlocking the box. Don’t forget to hand back your wristband.
  • Phones are allowed in but make sure to tuck it away safely before the big blast.

Useful info

You can choose between the Bomb Mission for RM 89 per person in off peaks hours or the VIP mission (RM109 per person in off peak hours). There are three levels of difficulty, so you can always try again to master this game another time! You can get your tickets here.

Bomb Battle is located on the 7th floor of Berjaya Time Square, East Wing, 1 Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.

Parking at Berjaya Times Square can be challenging, but if you get there before lunchtime, even on the weekends, you should still be able to find parking spots. Take the elevators up to the 7th floor, turn right coming from the elevators and go left into the theme park. You will find Bomb Battle directly on your left-hand side.

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We were invited by Bomb Battle. Our opinions are honest and our own.

The article contains an affiliate link. By purchasing your tickets (at no extra cost) through the link, it helps us in maintaining this website.

Bomb battle 2 - Happy Go KL

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