A parent’s guide to giving your child the best start to early childhood

Our little ones… Don’t we want to give them the best possible start in life? One of our partners, the Australian International School Malaysia, offers you some ideas about giving your child a head start.


Early years are crucial: a mind blowing 90% of a child’s brain development happens before the age of five. If our children take baby steps in education early on in their school lives, this can lead to massive strides forward later on in life. 

Dianne McLean, Learning Enrichment Teacher and Lower Junior School Leader at the AISM, has identified seven key areas in which parents can support their children at home and at school in those crucial early years.

  1. Independence skills
    In order to be successful at school, children need to learn to rely on themselves rather than others. 
  2. Emotional resilience
    It’s important that children learn from a very early age that they’re not always going to get their own way.
  3. Social skills 
    When spending time playing with others, children learn the importance of fairness, being able to share and taking turns. They also learn to negotiate and develop the ability to be kind and thoughtful to others.
  4. Motor Skills
    Rather than making them sit down and spend hours practising their writing skills, get them to strengthen their muscles by climbing trees or hanging on play equipment.
  5. Oral Language Skills
    Before a child can read or write they need to develop strong oral language skills and a large vocabulary.
  6. Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
    Phonological awareness skills are crucial for students to be able to tune in to sounds they hear in words.
  7. Numeracy skills
    It is important to help them understand the basics, so that this knowledge can be built upon at school.

To find out more about how the early years programme at AISM could help your child flourish, visit our website here. You can also see for yourself what the school has to offer, by booking a tour here or by contacting a member of the Admissions Team on 03-8949 5000 or by email.

Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) is the most established Australian curriculum provider in Malaysia. For almost 20 years, AISM, who employs predominantly Australian trained teachers, has catered for children from age 3 (Pre-school) to age 18 (Pre-University). The School is the first Certified Visible Learning School in the world, which uses proven best practices in teaching and learning. Recently, AISM achieved the best pre-university results outside of Australia in Higher School Certificate Pre-University Entrance results. Click here for more information.

This post is written and sponsored by AISM.

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