5 great parks in KL to take your kids for a bike ride

We love cycling in one of the great parks in KL! Especially since our youngest is now 11 and can keep up. The fresh outdoors, the activity, the satisfying recovery stops…To be honest we haven’t gotten out as much as we would have liked to (thanks Covid), but here is a list of top areas we love or are aiming to hit.

1. Kepong Metropolitan Park

great parks in KL

We love this park! It is huge, so a nice venue for bigger kids. It’s easy to get to, as it’s just off the highway with lots of stalls in the evening and various activities. A popular kite flying destination, they also have mini electric cars and roller blades for rent usually, along with bicycles. The bike paths are dedicated, well kept and situated away from the car park, making biking very safe. There are some mini hills though, so be prepared to push wee ones. It’s very scenic with a lovely lake in the middle and some great views. If you want a proper meal, you will have to drive out about 15 minutes to a small café nearby called Easy Modern Bakery Cafe.

View here for the location of the park.

2. Perdana Botanical Garden @ Tasik Perdana / Lake Gardens

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A very accessible park as it’s near the centre of town – with multiple car parks, including a multi story car park for when it gets busy. It’s quite spread out, so the wee ones can get in a decent amount of biking. There aren’t any bikes for rent, so you will have to bring your own.

There is a lovely lake in the middle, so you can feed the fish if your kids are into that. A beautiful park with lots of attractions, not least is the covered dome where kids of all ages practice their inline skating, skateboarding and cycling. Very safe, although there may be some upgrading works so watch out for pot holes. In general the paths are well kept though. There is a small café offering ice creams and snacks in the middle of the park, near the lake. Otherwise head down to the Hornbill Restaurant & Café, just 5 minutes away and you may get to have a snack and chat to some live birds. View here for the exact location.

3. The Central Park @ Desa ParkCity

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The venue has got great accessibility being in the middle of the highly sought after neighborhood, Desa Park City. There are some small hills, so be wary of little ones speeding down out of control. Park at any of the nearby car parks to access this lovely dog-friendly park, and head over to Arkadia Plaza near the lake for some refreshing food. We love Aunty Lee Nonya Restaurant, but you can also enjoy upmarket Japanese food at Rakuzen. The paths are very safe, well kept and perfect for bikes. Bicycle rental is available at Joo Ngan & Son Bicycle Specialist, situated at the Waterfront. This is the location of the park.

4. TTDI Park

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Perfect for quite small kids, as it’s basically flat all the way around the lake. Bicycle rental is not available. Paths are quite well tended though mossy in some places, due to moisture from the lovely jungle just next to the biking path. When kids are bigger, experiment with the steep hill just behind and foray up to the bigger paths. They are having some renovation works at the moment, so be wary of pot holes. Also do watch out for roving monkeys, don’t make eye contact with them and keep food hidden.

A cafe nearby is the Dough and Dolce just 5 minutes drive or a 10 minutes walk away. Parking can be tricky especially during peak times, as there are many food and drink stalls operating. Location here.

5. Titiwangsa Park

bikes in parks - Happy Go KL

We love this park, as it’s right in town near KLCC. It’s mostly flat so perfect for little ones, but watch out for some gentle slopes. There is a lovely new mist machine, so you can pretend your in jurasic park. Bicycle rental available from RM10. Its quite safe as all of the entrances were closed due to Covid SOPs, except one. Be careful when you head to and from the car park which is situated just next to the one open entrance. Side walks can become crowded. Location is here.

For the adventurous ones, you can try Titiwangsa Seafood Village By-The-Lake or else we love Restoran Stadium Negara, which is a 10 minute drive away. It only opens for dinner though. Do plan which day you go, so you don’t get stuck in home rush traffic.

Last but not least

Above all, wear your helmets, bring your masks in a pocket, bring some water, discuss safety issues -like what should you do if you get separated-, and always have fun! Enjoy and see you out there. Some venue attractions may have changed since covid, so do some research before you go. Oh and if you’re looking for places to buy bikes, have a look at our article here.

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