The Rift: virtual reality fun at Midvalley

While virtual reality is not a new concept, and certainly not new to KL, the experience is new to this family. So, when we heard that Midvalley now has one of the largest virtual reality centres in Asia, we couldn’t resist. Of course, the kids did wonder why it had taken us so long to get there – it had, after all, been open for a whole three weeks before we got there.

The Rift for us in a nutshell

We loved our experience. We went early on a Monday and we virtually, pardon the pun, had the place to ourselves. We had the time and the space to dig in and explore what The Rift had to offer, and the staff were free enough to provide us with excellent service.

The Rift has something for children 7 years and above. There is a MYR10 charge for adult spectators. Check the latest prices of their website.

The Rift

Here’s what our virtual reality looked like

On entry into The Rift I asked how long it would take to work through the all activities and was told ‘approximately one hour’. We ended up spending about 2.5 hours inside. When you enter, there is a free games area to whet your appetite, that is, of course, if you have the willpower not to launch on in. We couldn’t wait, but did spend some time in the free zone at the end.

  • While each interaction is generally only about 5 minutes, The Rift team have interspersed this with activities which we were able to spend more time on – this of course may have been due to the low number of visitors.
  • We spent more time on the Holowall climbing through games more than once – outsmarting bats and trying to dodge sweeping lines.
  • This was also possible on the Holodek – best described as playing a giant video game (are they still called that?) with your whole body. Here we tested our skills more than once against a charging packs of dogs, or running the gauntlet on subway surfers.
  • Except for the two sitting activities all the others required movement. There was a couple of times we even felt like we had done a bit of a work out.

wack a bat 1 - Happy Go KL

The Packages

The Rift has four packages: The Exit Reality Package, The Rift Package, and Junior Reality Package, and the Star Attraction.

The Rift Package

This included nine activities that are open, and two that are yet to come.  

Hurricane: Imagine riding a roller coaster without actually being on one. I’m more timid than my eldest so we took separate rides with hers spinning 360°.    

Holowall: This a climbing wall where you pit your real world climbing ability against the virtual world on the wall.

Monster Battle: Shoot off fireballs using arm movements and dodge the augmented reality of fire-breathing, land-bound and flying dinosaurs.

Photo from Jilly Resink 1 1 - Happy Go KL

Motion Blaster: A favourite of the girls – virtually bump or fly your way through a shower of bullets, shooting monsters, or robots while gaining points and beating your opponents on the ride.

Raceroom: Lewis Hamilton, I am not, but I hold my own in KL traffic so when my daughter out drove me on the race track I was more than a little embarrassed. Apparently this is what it feels like to drive formula 1.  I can safely say, after my effort of spending more time trying to get off the fence than on the track I won’t be giving up my day job.

Holodek: Running, jumping and ducking your way through the 3D world of games like Subway Surfers.

VR Adventure: This was my favourite, and what I was looking for in the world of virtual reality. Armed with VR goggles, a backpack and a gun I exited any idea of the real world and plunged onto a space station with rabid bunnies, aptly named ‘Rabbids’ –  I opted for bunnies over Minotaurs. For me, the experience of placing my feet on the edge of a precipice with an all very real sense of falling into space was very real indeed.

Hado: Her words: “Does this mean I get to shoot, Mum?” This is where you battle your opponents with wrist action, VR goggles and a virtual shield and fireballs.                                          

The Junior Package

  • Holowall
  • Motion Blaster
  • Monster Battle
  • Holodek

The Junior package would be OK for younger children, but was not quite enough for my 11 year old. Which is what my one small grievance was:

I went with my two children who fall into the two separate age categories, and while one could take ‘The Junior Package’ the other had to take an adult package, which in itself is fine but makes it difficult for a family to participate as a family.

So while two of us could complete nine activities, my youngest could only complete four – potentially the youngest member has to sit out games while the older kids, or Mum and Dad play. Or if a parent wants to participate with Junior the adults still need to purchase a full package. As it was, on this occasion, the staff were very helpful and the service was excellent – I’m not sure how this would work during busy periods.

I asked about why my younger child couldn’t participate in all activities and they told me it was due to safety concerns for the younger children – jury is out on that, but the management seemed open to my suggestion to include a family package, so hopefully this will be something they will look into in the near future.

What this family didn’t want:

Even at my kid’s ages as teen and a tween we don’t do monsters, ghouls or too much creepy reality but luckily for each activity we could opt for a softer option. Which also leaves the safety issue begging for me, where ghouls are acceptable virtual roller coasters are not?

Yet to open:

The Rift Junior, the Leap, Terminator X and E zone are not yet open, but they are hoping the whole of The Rift will be open before Chinese New Year, so maybe take advantage of the promotional package and check out what they have on offer at the moment.

The Rift
3rd Floor, North Court
MidValley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

| +60 3-2202 1808

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