Top 10 gift ideas for toddlers

Toddlers are the best when it comes to presents: they are easily pleased, often get lots of play out of the wrapping and empty cardboard boxes and are truly excited by littlest things. Here are our picks of the season:

1. Chubby Fingers Play – Ooodoodle Crayons

We love this new design and they are perfect for teeny tiny fingers to grab and color! My toddler’s favorite part is that you can also color the box it comes in so it’s a treat all in itself. Mama loves that they are non-toxic, beeswax and locally made by a mama herself.
Order online from their Facebook page or catch them at one of the many Christmas markets!
tgg Ooodle Crayons Chubby Fingers Play - Happy Go KL

2. Djeco – My Vanity Case

This is for older toddlers that have stopped mouthing pieces as there are a few tiny pieces in here like hair clips but this is a beautiful wooden play set for the little girl that likes dressing up or pretending to put on make up like mommy! My daughter has allergies so this is great in-between where she can still explore but not have to worry that it will hurt her skin. So adorable and comes in a sweet carry case.
Available at Janie&Joe BV or Carousel. Remember the Happy Go KL discount code at Janie&Joe: mention Happy Go KL to receive a 20% discount on any purchase until December 24, 2017.
tgg My Vanity Case Djeco - Happy Go KL

3. Melissa + Doug – Wooden Puzzles 

I highly recommend these: they have a large variety of themes depending on your little one’s interest, some even have sounds, come in a travel case, or have lock and keys. As a mama, I love that they are so well made and well thought out they last through hours and hours of play and can be passed on for years while still remaining relevant!
Available at Janie + Joe, Mothercare or Ben’s Independent Grocers. Remember the Happy Go KL discount code at Janie&Joe: mention Happy Go KL to receive a 20% discount on any purchase until December 24, 2017. 
tgg Puzzles Melissa Doug - Happy Go KL

4. Hape – Gourmet Kitchen/Market Stand/Tool Bench 

This is a love gift. There are smaller sets and accessories that you can also get to accompany it but if you’re looking for one big awesome gift (we only do one big gift at Christmas for our little one and she got this last year), I highly recommend the kitchen set! It comes complete with the cutest little salt and pepper shaker, pots, pans, lids, spatula and is the perfect starter kit. My daughter got this when she was almost one and it is still one of her most loved toys. She also loves the additional cash machine that you can get to compliment it – and they also have a market stand, or tool bench! Or if you are not into pink, there is always the Ikea Duktig kitchen.

Available at Robinson’s The Gardens or Carousel Publika

tgg Pink Gourmet Kitchen Hape - Happy Go KL

5. RadioFlyer – 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

An iconic staple of every childhood, we love this one from RadioFlyer as it grows with them from 9m-5years old. It is sturdy, comes with seat belt straps, a little place to put a water bottle or bubbles, and the steering bar is really easy to maneuver around corners. We also love that it comes with a shade – my daughter asks at least once a day to go on it!
Available at Carousel Publika or GBS Showroom
tgg Stroll n trike Radio Flyer - Happy Go KL

6. Petit Collage – Magnetic Dress Up Box

This is geared towards older toddlers but it is magical! My daughter spends hours quietly playing this and such a lifesaver when we are somewhere like church where I need her to stay still and busy for a while. Well made and beautifully designed. Comes in a variety of themes and she loves that it comes in it’s own box!
Available at Kinokuniya KLCC or Times Pavilion
tgg Magnetic Dress Up Petit Collage - Happy Go KL

7. Smiggle – Mini Scented Gel Pen Pack

Blow your little one’s mind with the ultimate art set with everything they love – real pens so they feel like a “big kid”, neon, sparkles, glitter, a cap to take on and off a billion times, scented to amuse them endlessly and folds up into a cute little carrying case! Hours of fun at the table if you have a little craft lover!
Available at all Smiggle stores 
tgg Mini Scented Gel Pen Pack Smiggle - Happy Go KL

8. Bilibo + Oogi + Moluk + Plui

Also in BV and recently opened in 1u, Jareburbs is a store that carries a huge variety of Bilibo, Oogi, Plui and Moluk. They are open-ended toys made of rubber or plastic, brightly colored and encourage so much creativity and play. You can use them in the tub, plane, train, restaurant, playroom, stroller, etc! We love it because you can just get one, a set, or build your collection over time and it is entertaining for a variety of ages too.

(I don’t recommend the little buttons for toddlers that are still mouthing but the bigger pieces are super fun!)

tgg Billibo Moluk Oogi 1 - Happy Go KL

9. Set of local books from Oyez! Books

We recently purchased this box of local Malay books from Oyez! geared towards toddlers and it’s been such a fun activity for my daughter and helper to read together. I also highly recommend any of the other Oyez! titles like We Love Trees, Atuk’s Amazing Sarong, My Mother’s Kitchen, etc. as they are all beautifully illustrated, local and relevant, and very culturally appropriate and identifiable to a little one growing up in Malaysia. More about local kids’ books.
Available at Silverfish BV or at the Oyez! bookstore 
tgg Malay Books Oyez 1 - Happy Go KL

10. Teething jewelry from Cuddles & Chews

For the little girl that desperately wants to wear jewelry but is still a little too young, this is the perfect solution! It’s colorful, customizable, really adorable and appealing to little ones but gives mama peace of mind: the beads are food-grade safe, non-toxic, bpa-free, chemical-free made from silicone so it’s nice and soft. Most importantly, it has safety clasps that keeps them from choking if they accidentally get caught on something. Mama’s and Ella Grace’s favorite part is that it comes in matching mama and teeny tiny sets so it tickles her endlessly when we wear it together! Perfect for a mother-daughter duo!
Ps. Consider also matching bow clips and necklaces from Sereni & Shentel if you have a little girl that loves dressing up too!
Available online through their FB page 
tgg Chewable Necklace Cuddles Chews - Happy Go KL tgg Sereni Shentel - Happy Go KL

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