Things to do in KL: Teeny weeny fun at MinNature

*MinNature is now closed!

My boy, who is a fan of Tanaka Tatsuya of Miniature Life fame, was super excited about the visit to MinNature, a 3D miniature exhibition.

MinNature has been around for some time, but the location in Summit USJ has put me off slightly, as last time I was in that area, admittedly ages ago, the traffic was awful. We went on a weekday and left early to make it in time for the opening at 10am. Glad to report that traffic was smooth!

minNature trains - Happy Go KL

At the start of the exhibit, there’s a brief history of the miniatures and how the place got started. It was quite an interesting read.

Moving along further in, there were plenty of miniature scale models and different dioramas to view, with buttons to press for sound and movement. There were also trains chugging along in between the models. Each diorama is colour coded into zones. You only have to look at the walls to know where each one starts and where it ends.

miniatures in KL - Happy Go KL

They made it extra fun by handing out a treasure hunt sheet. The treasures included Kung Fu Panda in action, army of Minions, Darth Vader versus Master Yoda and plenty more along the same lines. We did spend a great deal of time looking for the treasures but it was fun and so satisfying when you finally spot them and can tick it off your sheet. We were so engrossed in looking at the models that it took us a long while to realise that there were models displayed from the ceiling too. If you can’t find the items on the treasure hunt list, ask the guides and they’ll gladly point them out to you (we did as we found all but two of the items on the list). They might even pick a character or two up for you to hold.

miniatures KL - Happy Go KL
miniature exhibition KL - Happy Go KL

There was also a screening room where a video about 3D printing was being shown. My boy was too excited to sit down to watch it as he wanted to get on the hunt immediately.

Towards the end of the exhibit and before the exit, there is a workshop area. Here, you can make your own miniature model (additional fees apply). They had three options available: tree making, house making or both. Needless to say, my boy chose to make a tree and a house for RM35.

what to do with kids in KL minNature - Happy Go KL

A Masterbuilder (as they call themselves) sat down and guided our boy step-by-step all the way from beginning to end. It was a great experience for him to make his own miniature as he’s such a big fan. He was so chuffed with himself and couldn’t wait to show everyone his model.

kids activity KL miniature - Happy Go KL

As we were there early on a weekday, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the venue and how fun it turned out to be. MinNature is definitely a worthwhile visit. We spent the whole morning in there and didn’t realise we had missed our usual lunch time until we heard our tummies grumbling!

Tickets are RM28 per adult and RM15 per child for MyKad holders. For non MyKad holders, it costs RM10 more per ticket. More info on their website.

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