Experiential dining with The Grand Getaway at Grand Hyatt KL

Grand Hyatt KL seems to be leading the way in terms of immersive and experiential dining. Having been to Le Petit Chef at this hotel back in September 2020, we eagerly accepted their invite to experience The Grand Getaway.

Missing airports (who knew this was a possibility?!) and plane travel terribly, we couldn’t wait to embark on the two hour ‘flight’ which would take us to five cities. Arriving 45 minutes prior to our boarding time at 7pm with our Premium Economy E-boarding pass, we were blown away by the extent which Grand Hyatt KL went to. They had completely transformed the lobby area outside of the Grand Ballroom into a pop-up airport terminal. From the signages to the check-in counter, to the travellator to the stewards and stewardesses – it just felt so real. They even had piped in airport announcements.

“Please proceed to your gate”

Check-In at The Grand Getaway

After checking in, we got our table (or rather seat) number and proceeded to our gate to wait for boarding. I found this area rather small but after taking our fill of pictures, we simply moved to the other end of the foyer and waited for the doors to open. The ‘stewardesses’ are great at letting guests know when the doors open, so you do not need to worry about missing your boarding call. 

Heading into the ballroom when the ‘gate’ opened, I was just transfixed by how big the venue is. Each table only sits two pax, even though the seats (real airplane seats from MAS) were in a 3-seater combo. The layout of the tables made us feel as if we were dining privately. It gave us a definite sense of privacy.

“Please fasten your seat belts”

table seats

My kid was super excited when he saw the seats and plonked himself down as quick as he could. Next came the fiddling – seatbelts: checked, cushions: checked and the biggest plus of all? The seat actually reclines too! But only just so much cos you know, economy seats.

Service was impeccable – as is expected from Grand Hyatt KL. The moment we sat down, the crew gave us undivided attention. They offered us welcome drinks and poured wines (for me, not the kid). We couldn’t wait for the show to start.

The entire ballroom had essentially been turned into a giant airplane, so to speak. We could see the cockpit and airplane windows. These go around the ballroom, giving you a 360 view.

get away

First off was the in-flight safety video (but of course). It was too funny seeing my kid obeying the instructions as it was happening in real life! Before each stop and before they bring out the food, the screens play an intro of the city which we would be visiting. While you’re savouring your meal, the screens continue to play clips from that city. You can see all famous landmarks with snippets of facts and videos of daily lives of locals in that city.

From Tokyo to San Fransisco, Moscow and Venice


First stop was Tokyo. The scenes of Shibuya Crossing, Shinjuku Station and Ginza certainly brought back great memories – we truly miss Japan! Then we headed to San Francisco, another favourite city of ours. Scenes of Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square and more made us so glad that we’ve visited prior to COVID.

Moscow brought us ‘snow’ as ‘flakes’ cascaded down from the ballroom ceiling. It also brought us disco and nightlife. At my age, this kind of nightlife is right up my alley – I just sat there throughout. I was also happy that my son experienced his first nightlife scene with me in tow (conclusion: he does not like it – ha!).

After dining on scallops in Tokyo, clam chowder in San Francisco and a refreshing forest berry sorbet in Moscow, we headed to Venice for our main course – oven baked lamb rack. My son, who loves lamb (cos he never gets it at home!), cleared his plate in seconds!

Our fifth and final destination was back home to KL. It was the perfect ending to a two hours flight. We realise that whenever we travel, there’s always a limit to how long we can enjoy other cities until we do itch to come back home.

Even though they do have a Junior Class menu, my son had the Airliner Menu from Premium Economy. Originally my husband was supposed to accompany me (date night!) but he couldn’t make it at the last minute. I have to say though, my son certainly enjoyed the adult menu as he wolfed it all down!


“We’re experiencing some turbulence”

There was also in-flight shopping! It was surreal watching the steward push his little cart our way. The items on sale are treats from their F&B outlets. Then came turbulence, my least favourite part of a flight. But at The Grand Getaway, I didn’t mind it one bit as it was only the screens, lights and sounds but nothing trembled! I have to say the stimulations were top notch throughout the show. They didn’t miss a beat.

In between the courses and stops, there was also in-flight entertainment – a pre-recorded session of a magic act, which involved diners’ participation. My son participated throughout eagerly but at the end, his ‘magic’ didn’t work as it should have. I have no idea if it was supposed to work or he missed a step, but he had good fun anyhow.

Home sweet home

The stewards handed us little souveniers as we left – dodol, a sugar palm based confection, much like toffee. I simply loved it that they showcased Malaysia, as it is after all, our home and there’s nothing like it. We left feeling like we’d managed to escape, even if just for two hours with our tummies filled with scrumptious food.

I did book us in for a stay, which I felt was a great way to end the night after flying to five cities. And perhaps I also desperately wanted to go on a holiday, even if it was a staycay!

I feel that The Grand Getaway is better suited for older kids – 8 years and above. The stimulations (flashing strobe lights) and corresponding sound effects can feel a bit much. My 11 year old had his fingers in his ears during some scenes, as it was L-O-U-D. Also, the seating arrangements are two per table. If you’re booking for an odd number, someone in your party will have to share a table with someone else.

Prices start from RM450 nett for Premium Economy (yes, they also offer Business/First class) and RM200 nett for Junior Class. It may seem steep but just like Le Petit Chef, it IS a dinner and a show. Have a look at our review of Le Petit Chef here. It will run till March this year. The Grand Getaway will be on till June 2021.

Our Grand Getaway was sponsored, our room was not. As always, our opinion is honest and our own.


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