The Frisky Goat Bakery and Cafè

Having lived in KL for over 3 years, I have noticed that I don’t get out a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love KL. I’m just all consumed by children’s activities, work of various shapes and forms and walking the dog. So when a friend suggested a breakfast on a Saturday morning, I just about lost my mind – how on earth would I manage, given that my Saturday mornings are consumed by all manner of kids’ sports and activities. However, on this occasion, I threw caution to the wind. I called in some favours, gave my husband a list of do’s and don’ts for a Saturday morning, put on some lip balm and headed for the Frisky Goat – and what a treat it was.


The Frisky Goat in TTDI is a small café that I would have easily driven past without the navigation of my fellow breakfasters. When you walk in you are greeted with the hum of happy diners and active staff, and an eye full of baked pastries, croissants, cakes and desserts.

frisky goat outside

Menu at Frisky Goat

However, I was so hungry that I didn’t have time to survey the whole menu or spend too much time eyeing the pastry treats. I went straight for the brunch menu and was not, at all, disappointed. Of course, it had the standard fare of scrambled eggs with salmon and the ‘Big Brekky’. And I have been assured the waffles are the bomb. But the Frisky Goat likes to mix things up, just a bit.

frisky goat pastries

I chose the Saumon Royale, simply put, eggs benedict and salmon. The Frisky Goat variation is served on a Belgian waffle with orange hollandaise sauce, which did have my eyebrows inching further towards my hairline. The dish was accompanied with corn kernels and mushrooms (interesting), cherry tomatoes and asparagus (yum). Now being the traditional girl that I am, I asked to change the waffle to toasted ciabatta and the orange hollandaise to traditional hollandaise; this was merrily met with a ‘no problem at all’ and we ordered two for the table plus an Egg Florentine Casserole. The eggs Florentine again was a twist on the traditional: it consisted of a spinach, red pepper, chicken chorizo, egg & cheese casserole (kinda like a quiche/frittata), topped with a poached egg, pesto hollandaise and served with a fresh salad – it looked great and was well received.

frisky goat table

All our food arrived at the same time, no mean feat here in KL, was hot and was delicious.  The eggs and asparagus were cooked beautifully and I was pleasantly surprised to see a piece of salmon fillet on my plate instead of a few slices of smoked salmon. The jury is still out on the corn and mushroom combo, but my plate was spotlessly clean at the end. I was so satisfied with my choice that the next time I go, I shall be trying this dish with the waffle and orange hollandaise.

Unfortunately for me, I had no room left for a pastry or a cake. But there is always next time.


Coffee was good. Served piping hot, just the way I like it. We also ordered the fresh grapefruit juice:  two of us thought we might be clever and ordered without ice, hoping to get more ‘bang for our buck’. No such luck – our friend’s juice came in a tall glass with ice, while ours arrived in smaller vessels. Had a good laugh at our penny pinching behaviour. The juice was indeed fresh and thankfully without sugar. Spot on.

A word to the wise:

It is busy so you may have to wait. We went about 11 am and managed to squeeze onto a small table. I should imagine if we were earlier, we may have had a short wait. But the staff were friendly and efficient, so you’ll probably be able to nurse a coffee or a tea – of which they had a good menu – while you wait.

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