The 20 favourite board games of Happy Go KL

Nothing beats an evening with the family, in a good competitive spirit over some great ‘old fashioned’ board games. Wait. Old fashioned…? No way! 

Let’s have a look at our Mamas and their families and what they think about board games. They’ve picked their own favourites and we’re sure there are some cool ones that get your fancy too! Your boring days are over… Just get the family together, ask the kids to grab their favourite number 1 games from the list below and have fun.

For the smaller kids

RecipeMama says: “Follow your nose with SNIFFER ACADEMY! Kids (or pups in this case) need to catch the thief in the amusement park by sniffing out three clues on the board. The clues range from scented smelly socks markers to popcorn! For five years and up.”

KaraokeMama’s favourite board game is MONOPOLY DEAL, which is a card game. “My 6-year-old can even play, and it only takes 15 minutes to complete. The game can get competitive, at least it does in my house! Monopoly Deal is a great twist on the classic Monopoly and takes less time to play.”

“MY FIRST CARCASSONNE is a kid version of the adult game Carcassonne and is really fun to play, also for adults. It is super easy for the kids to learn.”

EcoMama: “TELLING TALES is a fantastic and fun game we’ve been playing together since our kids were young. On the box it says it’s for kids five years and up, but I bought it when my daughter was four and my son six and we’ve played it ever since. It is a game that challenges your creativity, and it makes us laugh, as the stories turn out quite funny at the end.”

AdventureMama loves to play the UNO card game with the family. It’s easy to bring along.

SpanglishMama: “If you’re looking for a memory game for those aged between three and seven years old, you may want to add SHOPPING LIST to your shopping list. Orchard Toys produces this product, as well as other educational classics such as a game to help with adding and subtraction, called BUS STOP.”

Our GirlyMama thinks that CRAZY CHEF is a great game for younger kids. “Kids take turns to match and collect ingredients and utensils for their meal. The winner is the first player to complete their board. Kids love the visuals and colours and always get competitive to see who is the lucky one to finish the game first.”

“With GUESS THE ANIMALS kids take turns asking questions, eliminate, and then guess what the animal is on the opponent’s card. We love this game, because it promotes logical thinking while having fun at the same time!

CoffeeMama’s kids are having fun with SNAKES AND LADDERS, since that game never bores them. Did you know there is a game called Lizards and Ladders as well..?

board games

For the older ones

EcoMama loves CORTEX CHALLENGE. “It is our latest discovery and we play it a lot at the moment. Cortex Challenge is a fast game that the whole family can play together and it’s a great ‘brain workout’. I’ve just ordered Cortex 3 from Amazon. You can mix the boxes or add more cards. It’s a great game to take on vacation too, because the box is small. It’s good for eight years and older. We also love TICKET TO RIDE and CATAN.”

“SAGRADA is a strategy board game. It takes quite some time to play. The age group on the box says 10+, but I think it’s more suitable though for teenagers.”

DIYMama: “The classic MONOPOLY still has got a great spot in our heart, even though sometimes it takes a long time to finish the whole game. The game involves good planning and money management, which I think is a good way to stimulate the kids’ brains. We normally play during weekends, along with snacks, as the game can take up a couple of hours. We love this game because it is a multi-players game, which means all five of us can play at the same time!”

games 22 - Happy Go KL

SpanglishMama loves games that are good for kids with short tempers and attention spans.
“SPOT IT or DOBBLE, as it’s also known, has been a permanent fixture in my handbag for many years. This game is perfect for pre-dinner entertainment or travelling and involves finding matching symbols. The best thing about it, is that any age can play and win (without you letting them) and you don’t even have to speak the same language! The card game DONKEY is also a super simple game that has been around for years and that can be picked up in the shops for a few ringgits.”

“CODENAMES is a great game to crack out for an evening of brain testing entertainment, for those with teenagers. When it was launched, it was named Game of the Year and Best Family Game, which I believe this original concept deserves.”

“And finally, even if it kills me, I will be getting my family to play the classic murder mystery game of CLUEDO. I will make them learn to love it as much as I do.”

if you’re feeling creative, you could also ask the kids to make their own board game… How? Have a look here at our article!

Have fun with your family board games night and stay safe.

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