Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya

Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya is our number one place to spend a lazy afternoon for coffee and cake. Looking for a green place with great stores for the whole family? Tamarind Square has got it all.

First off, the square itself is chock full of plants and greenery. It makes it fairly cool and shaded, even if you are visiting in the middle of the day. It’s also beautiful to look at and sometimes we just simply stroll around the square for a short walk, while the kids try to jump and touch the vines hanging down from the buildings. You’ll often see people taking artsy photographs as you walk around. You’re definitely in a good place for a snap or two!

Tamarind square 7 - Happy Go KL

Once you park up, (best to get there early as the car parks can fill up rather quickly), there are several different levels you can explore. Generally, all the main food and beverage outlets are on levels 3 and 4. Most of them open from 10am. The first thing you’ll come across is the huge Village Grocer supermarket, which is hard to miss. Useful if you need a few essentials! If you venture a little further however, you’ll find a smattering of other stores, restaurants and coffee shops to visit.

Tamarind square 3 - Happy Go KL

Blue pea tea and bao burgers

One of our favourites is The Botanist Cafe. It has just reopened after some renovation and now occupies a larger space. The main cafe is on level 3, and we especially love sitting outside amongst all the plants. There is also a section upstairs where you can sit amongst the trees and vines. It’s like sitting in a gigantic tree! It’s a great little place for coffee and a bit of brunch. They also offer something a little different to the usual menus. We like their bright blue pea tea and their bao burgers for example. 

But The Botanist is not the only little hidden gem here. If you explore the various treehouses you’ll find all sorts of stores. Recently we found a thrift shop and had a rummage around the clothes and vintage trainers, so it’s worth having a nose around.

Piece of cake

Tamarind square 6 - Happy Go KL

If you head up to level 4 via one of the long escalators or stairways, you’ll come to a wide open space and our favourite cake shop, Pastribella. It’s great to sit outside for a slice of cake while the kids run around to their heart’s content and let off steam. There used to be outdoor cinema nights here and regular markets, which were fun to go to. Here’s hoping they reappear again soon.

Let’s go eco

Tamarind square 2 - Happy Go KL

After cake, there is just time to visit Go Bulk which is a zero waste grocery store. It’s a great alternative to the regular supermarkets. Simply bring your own containers and fill up with as much or as little as you need. They also sell lots of eco friendly products and we particularly like their soaps. Have a look here at our article about other zero waste shops in KL.

A book shop with extras

Tamarind square 5 - Happy Go KL

Another place you will not fail to come across is the huge Bookxcess, just above Village Grocer. It was open 24 hours a day before CMCO, but now operates between 10am – 10pm. I can’t tell you how many times we have wandered around this gigantic warehouse filled with every type of book you can imagine. The children’s section is pretty substantial, so there is plenty for the little members of the family to choose from. We pretty much always come out of the shop with something! The best thing is that they will even gift wrap your book, as if it is a present for someone. There is a small coffee shop here too and also a study area, so it’s a nice place to come if you have a bit of work to do. It can fill up quickly though with university students at times. 

There are plenty more cool and quirky places I could write about, but it’s worth exploring Tamarind Square yourself and finding your own hidden favourites, or just taking a stroll around to admire the greenery.

You can find more information about Tamarind Square on their website here. Please do check which shops are open and only venture out when necessary!

Tamarind square 4 - Happy Go KL

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