Tales from the virtual classroom

Students have been in the virtual classroom since… forever. Me for example, I can’t remember when I last saw the actual inside of a classroom. Since lockdown and school closure, my friends and I have been learning online. Here’s my story.

Challenges I’ve faced in the virtual classroom

  • I am getting constantly distracted in class
  • I am not able to get the assistance and feedback from the teachers when I need it
  • I find it hard to understand and complete class- and homework
  • How to keep a healthy mindset…?
  • Late or overdue assignments that have been piling up and are causing stress. 

Also, after looking down for such a long time at my device for almost eight hours a day, I noticed that my posture – walking as well as sitting down – has changed. My posture has definitely worsened with a lot of slouching, which lead to back aches. It’s not really a pleasant thing. My mood has also worsened, with a lot of tantrums and I am being moody and tired most of the time. 

virtual classroom

How my parents help me

  • They’re not afraid to ask me if I need any assistance – this sometimes covers for the lack of assistance during online learning. 
  • Quizzes, chatting sessions, pictionary – these are some of the ideas they suggested to brighten up my day.
  • Sometimes, a break from the house or devices is all I need. Maybe try bringing your kids out on a short drive, or walk, to relive some stress. 

Of course, each and every student has different opinions and view points, so go ahead and ask your kids how they are coping in their virtual classroom! Some more insights in our article here about juggling roles…

 What I do for myself

  • I take some time off the screen, sometimes walk around the neighbourhood or chat with friends and family. 
  • I keep in touch with friends or classmates, ask them how they’re doing or just enjoy each other’s online accompany from time to time!
  • Yes, school is important, but sometimes I want to be a bit carefree! I try to find some new music in my free time and dedicate my heart to it. As fans of the AoT world will say: “Shinzou wo sasageyo” (“surrender your heart”).
  • Even in this pandemic, I try to live life to its fullest – I think of this situation as a once-in-a-life-time experience, and I take the opportunities thrown at me (remember to pick carefully)!

So it is what it is…?

Online school is basically a repetition of attending Zooms in your virtual classroom and doing homework every week, and I’m sure many students feel this way. But online learning doesn’t mean that it’s only stress and degrading mental health. You can learn many life lessons as well. Personally, I’ve learnt that you’ll need not only a ton of self discipline, but you’ll also have to allow some laziness. Slack off a bit, don’t be so uptight, and it’s okay to procrastinate (sometimes)…

Proudly introducing: Wen Yan. This 13-year old student is the first resident intern with Happy Go KL! She will bring you stories from her world from time to time.

Wen Yan enjoys writing and swimming, as well as watching Japanese anime and reading Japanese manga. She has got two younger siblings and two golden retrievers. Wen Yan loves to eat comfort foods like rice and noodles, but can eat mostly anything.

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