Relocating? Here’s a last-minute checklist!

Moving countries is often a chaotic process that requires juggling a multitude of tasks. The packers will take care of the obvious, but there are still many things to remember.

Crown Relocations has over 50 years of experience in helping families relocate and has compiled this helpful list for those planning their first – or the next – big move from KL to another city or country.

Before the movers come:

  • Defrost the fridge and freezer and drain all water hoses
  • Disconnect the washing machine and drain water
  • Dispose of furniture and other items you do not wish to take with you. For charities and recycling places check this post.
  • Remove your own fixtures and fittings from walls, and fill up the holes if that is stated in your tenancy agreement
  • Packing days are quite chaotic with boxes and people everywhere, so it is a good idea to arrange for someone to look after the children and/or pets on those days
  • Get rugs and other textiles cleaned. Landlords often require the curtains are professionally cleaned.
  • Take aside important items such as passports and valuables that you will pack in your carry-on luggage. Pack your suitcases and take them, together with your valuables to a safe place – a friends’ or neighbour’s home or your locked car on the driveway – to prevent them from being accidentally packed with your goods.
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Remember to discontinue services:

  • Utilities like gas and electricity. Keep the receipt of the last payment in case your landlord wants to see it.
  • Post-paid mobile subscriptions. Do take along your passport – if you have renewed your passport, also bring the old one. Note that the deposit may only be paid onto your bank account up to 30 days after termination.
  • Cable/satellite/internet television service and your internet service provider – also find out whether you need to return any related equipment and where. For example, the TM fibre modem can only be returned to certain service centres.
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Club memberships. Note that the deposits paid may only be returned after some weeks.
  • Insurance company to transfer or terminate household insurance.
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Dangerous goods can’t be packed in your shipment

The following are classified as dangerous goods and cannot be stored or shipped:

  • Kerosene, gasoline, cleaning fluids and bleach products
  • Any kinds of aerosols – including hair spray and spray paints
  • Vegetable oils and linseed oil
  • Ammunition
  • Chemical sets, cans of paint (new or partially used)
  • Gas cylinders, turpentine (unless emptied)

Update your new address with service providers

  • Publications you subscribe to
  • Financial institutions and the tax office
  • Life, car and health insurance company
  • Your lawyer, doctor(s) and dentist – if you need copies of your records, don’t forget to get them

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Other important things to take note of:

  • Remove all perishable food items such as cereals, flours, etc.
  • Don’t place breakables or liquids (such as perfumes or sauce bottles) in drawers.  
  • Make sure you list any high-value items, such as antiques, paintings or furs, in your transit documentation. A separate list with value estimates is required for insurance purposes.
  • Don’t store or ship money, jewellery, legal or tax documents or other high-value or irreplaceable articles, but keep these items with you instead.
  • Don’t polish your furniture before the move – polishing can cause condensation on furniture when wrapped.
  • Check your home carefully for any belongings the packing crew may have missed – before they leave.

Take one last look around…

  • Was anything left behind in the attic, basement, garden, garage or store room?
  • Check that there are no clothes in the washing machine/drier, at the dry cleaners, shoes at shoe repair shops, sporting goods in lockers at clubs/schools?
  • If possible, switch off air conditioners and use them only when necessary during the packing. Furniture kept in a constantly cooled climate may condensate when suddenly exposed to hot air. Allowing your furniture to adapt to the warm air can be helpful in eliminating moisture problems during transit.
  • Are the water heater, main power and gas connections turned off?
  • Dispose all remaining flammables, dangerous, or hazardous materials. Throw or give away bottles of nail polish and liquids in glass bottles.
  • Are the windows and doors locked? Old house keys surrendered?
  • Put your mobile phone and a SIM card ejector tool in your carry-on luggage for the flight.
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All done? Now get a good night’s rest!

Visit Crown Relocations’ website for more moving tips – a green move, relocating with pets, children, retirees and more – or get in touch with their expert consultants to ensure a seamless relocation.

This is a sponsored post written by Crown Relocations.

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