Mooncakes infused with TWG Tea from Sheraton Petaling Jaya

When it comes to gifting mooncakes in classy and elegant boxes, Sheraton PJ’s mooncakes gift boxes definitely fit the bill. The intricately designed mooncake boxes have gold-plated mini handles and and the buttons add to the classiness of the gifts. We happily received our boxes, ready to open them!

The Lilac Blossom mooncake box makes a fine gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The picture-perfect love birds flying amongst white cherry blossoms with serene-looking mountains in the background evokes a calm beauty only the privileged few get to enjoy. And the next best thing about it? It is thoughtfully designed to be upcycled as a trinket box!


Exciting flavours

These handcrafted delicacies are meant specifically for tea lovers, or more specifically, lovers of TWG teas, for the mooncakes are infused with the unique flavours that TWG is famous for.

Here are the snow skin flavours specially created by the chefs:

1. Yue Snow Skin mooncake, infused with TWG Caravan Tea. Taste: subtle nodes of mint and citrus in the green tea infused lotus paste. Tantalising!
2. Yue Snow Skin mooncake, infused with TWG Pink Flamingo Tea. Taste: subtle nodes of green tea and crimson hibiscus flavour. Invigorating!
3. Yue Snow Skin mooncake infused with TWG Red Chai Tea. Taste: Subtle nodes of sweet Indian slices of chai tea infused in the lotus paste. Enchanting!
4. Yue Snow Skin mooncake infused with TWG Pomme Prestige Tea. Taste: delicate notes of fragrant apple. Refreshing!

Sheraton mooncakes 2 - Happy Go KL

The best way I found to enjoy these tea infused mooncakes, is to have the ingredients sheet in front of you, pick the mooncake you want to taste, and read the ingredients list first, before putting the thinly sliced mooncake in your mouth. Let it melt in your mouth while you try to take in all the subtle flavours of the mooncake paste, skin and TWG tea flavours. Better still, take a sip of the particular TWG flavoured tea for a flavour-enhanced experience! Five sachets of the TWG flavoured tea are included in the set.

Treat the mooncake tea session like a food & tea-tasting experience. Sample them slowly and mindfully, sipping the TWG tea at the same time. Enjoy! You could also play a ‘game’ of ‘Guess the Mooncake’ and have fun tasting and guessing.

How to order

There are other mooncake box designs to choose from as well. To check them out and to order, go to the hotel’s website here or contact the hotel by WhatsApp at 017 2286 098. They are currently offering special discounts on their mooncake packages, so do grab these good deals quick.

In the mood to check out more mooncakes? Have a look at our listicle here!

We were treated by Sheraton Petaling Jaya. As always, our opinion is honest and our own.

This article is written by Wai Leng, our MyzenMama.

Sheraton mooncakes 3 - Happy Go KL
Photo credits: KV Soon

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