Making screen time safe and productive for our children

Children are spending more and more time on mobile devices, making screen time a big issue for parents. Children should be using their screen time well and have a meaningful and positive experiences with technology. There are plenty of harmful contents online which are easily accessible by our children. It is important that we provide a safe and secure digital environment for our children to explore and have fun.

Digital safety is a huge topic amongst parents. The question is, how can we encourage our children to interact safely with new technologies? Smartphones and other gadgets can be addictive. It has been proven that these devices are designed in a way to get people, especially the impressionable youth, ‘hooked’.

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However, technological devices are not going away and children should not be deprived from using new technologies in order to stay competitive in the ever-advancing innovative world. Instead, parents need to find a solution in making it a safe and productive experience for their children. It is important to encourage the desire and thirst for knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Da Vinci Media is a leading European innovator in the educational media landscape. We curate and distribute award-winning educational programming for children, families and adults. The flagship brand Da Vinci Kids provides a unique, multi-platform, educational experience for children through high quality STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and soft skills (communication, relating with others and self discipline) learning content.

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As opposed to Youtube, Da Vinci’s content are all hand-picked and curated, not programmed by faceless algorithms, which often lead to very unsuitable and harmful content for children. Ad-based platforms like YouTube Kids can contain disturbing, age-inappropriate content, due to the nature of algorithmic.

Our programming is all curated, where it is pre-screened, child-safe and free of any violence or potentially unsuitable content. Our content is designed to bring the curriculum out of the classroom in a fun, visual way. Our platform is designed to allow children to explore new interests in a safe digital space.

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Our team of experts and quality content (from USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia) are curated from the best educational content from around the world. We are proud to say that the content has been recognised by many prestigious awards like the Emmys, BAFTAs and Parents Choice awards to name a few.

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Please visit our website here and type in the code MYDAVINCI to enjoy FREE ACCESS to all Da Vinci Kids PREMIUM and experience the programmes for 3 months! Da Vinci Kids: be amazed every day.

This post was written and sponsored by Da Vinci Kids.

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