Gluten free guide to KL

The term “gluten free”doesn’t mean much to most, and why should it? However, this tiny print is very important to some of us – kids and adults alike! Scroll to the end for the list of shops and restaurants with gluten free options.

Those of us who have been medically diagnosed with either celiac disease, gluten encephalopathy, gluten sensitivity or with an allergy to any of the grains that contain gluten (wheat, barley, rye and spelt) have to take care not to consume gluten and avoid cross contamination (not just gluten free food stuff packaged or manufactured in gluten contaminated facilities, but also by gluten traces in shared utensils or cooking facilities).

Many of our friends still remain unaware of what gluten is and what grains contain gluten. Honestly, we don’t mean to be rude when we turn down an offer to eat your yummy baked treat. We are not just being extremely fussy, and it is not our intention to make anyone uncomfortable when we ask questions about the ingredients of a dish or how it was cooked in a restaurant. Most of us are trying hard to lead a normal life and be able to enjoy a nice meal cooked outside our house. Who doesn’t enjoy a treat in a nice restaurant every now and then?

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Gluten free diets

People decide to start a gluten free diet for various personal reasons. You may have heard of the ketogenic diet, which contrary to popular believe was designed already in 1923 by Dr. Russell Wilder for treatment of epilepsy and its many variations.

There is also the paleo diet, autoinmune paleo diet, GAPS diet (designed by Dr. Natasha Campell-McBride for the treatment of neurodivergent conditions and used also to treat coeliac disease, obesity and even cancer), the FODMAP, and so on.

Each person who follows a gluten free diet has his/her reasons and they are all as respectable and equally valid. To some of us going gluten free makes a world of difference between health and illness. When following a gluten free diet means being free from tummy cramps, exhaustion, joint pain, vomiting, migraines, irritability, shaky hands, brain fogginess and several other unpleasant side effects that are better not mentioned here,  some of us are willing to go the extra mile to avoid being “glutened”.

Some of us have explored the restaurants that claim to serve GF food. Most of them are true to their promise, so they are included in the lists below.

Gluten free in KL

KL has more to offer now in terms of GF options in F&B outlets, ingredients and baked products providers than when I was diagnosed years ago. Luckily for us, some of those who have been diagnosed with any of the above conditions have decided to bake and sell the products and, believe me, there are several yummy options out there.

Before proceeding to list the different restaurants, bakers, providers, supermarkets and websites where you can find GF products, I would like to remind you that if you (or your child) have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires a strict gluten free diet, it is ultimately your responsibility to make the decision to consume products labelled “gluten free”.

gluten free products in KL - Happy Go KL

Restaurants and F&B providers that offer gluten free options

These restaurants offer items that are specifically indicated as gluten free:

Baked products

Gluten free products and supermarkets that stock them

  • Ampang Grocer at Ampang Hillir
  • B.I.G. (Publika, Jalan Batai, IPC)
  • Fresco Grano for bread
  • Hei Wellness
  • Hock Choon Supermarket on Jalan Ampang
  • Jaya Grocer (Verve Suits MK, Intermark, The Starling)
  • Matahari Organic Wholesaler
  • Mercató (Plaza Damas)
  • The Hive – bring your own containers to this zero waste concept store
  • Village Grocer (1MK, Arkadia in DPC)

Facebook Group

There are other restaurants, baked products providers, sellers and supermarkets, but are unknown to the writer of this article. If you know of any, please leave a comment below and  they will be added to the list!

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for this list! Are these all places that you have eaten and that can accomodate for fully gluten-free–ie. are careful with cross contamination? For example, I was excited about Kind Kones but then saw that they also have gluten containing cones and ice cream. Not sure how good they are about preventing cross contamination (as most ice cream places don’t do this). Trying to plan for an upcoming trip to KL, but I have to have strict gf.

    1. Hi there! This is the reply form the mum who wrote the list:

      There is a danger of cross contamination if they serve items containing gluten. Most places are very careful, but you must always ask the restaurant or eatery directly. If you want to pre-order some items for domestic consumption, there are 3 providers that I know of that can handle GF items: Nutz About Spread, Wheat Free for You and Own Creations Bakery. Also Far Eats only handles GF sausages and meat. You can also join Off the Wheaten Path FB group and ask the members for their opinions.

      Hope this helps and have a good trip!

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